40+ Food Riddles for Every Chef (With Answers)


Are you hungry for food riddles? Read riddles that are funny and will stretch your mind. They’re great for kids and adults.

Riddles are fun and an excellent way to boost creative thinking.

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Test your food and cooking knowledge with the best food riddles.

They’ll make you think outside of the box, and some will give you a good laugh.

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Fruits, vegetables, seeds, and spices on a table.
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The best food riddles

1. I’m the best musician among vegetables. What am I?


2. I’m a sad fruit that can’t be cheered up. What am I?

A blueberry.

3. I’m kind of the coolest vegetable. What am I?


4. I hold golden treasure and must be broken before eating. What am I?

An egg.

5. I’m sweet and discouraging at the same time. What type of food am I?

A doughnut.

6. I’m a food that’s always eaten by the wrong person. What am I?


7. I have skin and eyes, but I can’t see. What type of food am I?

A potato.

8. I’m a food that’s always saying hello or goodbye to a man. What am I?

Chow mein.

9. I have a heart, but it doesn’t beat. What am I?

An artichoke.

10. I’m a fruit that never wants to be alone. What am I?

A pear.

11. I’m a fruit that you can use to sip water. What am I?

A strawberry.

12. I am the father of all fruits. What am I?


13. I’m a seed with three letters in my name. If you take away the last two, I’d stay the same. What am I?

A pea.

Food riddle about peas.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

14. I’m a type of cheese that’s made backward. What am I?


15. Everyone loves to be around me. What type of food am I?


16. I am a nut and find money gross. What am I?


17. I am a fruit that has to get married with a big ceremony. Otherwise, I can’t get married. What am I?


18. I’m a dairy product that people use to cook or spread. Sometimes, I’m a stick, but I’m not from a tree. Puns would say I’m an enhancer. What am I?


19. I’m a cup that doesn’t hold water. What am I?

A cupcake.

20. I’m the sweetest and most romantic fruit. What am I?


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21. I’m a mummy’s favorite food. What am I?

A wrap.

22. I’m a golfer’s favorite drink. What am I?


23. I’m a cat that has fins and can swim. People like to fry or bake me. What am I?


24. I’m a dessert that loves to shout and yell. What am I?

Ice cream.

25. I’m shriveled and mean, but people love to snack on me. What am I?


26. I’m a candy that kids eat during breaks at school. What am I?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

27. I don’t belong to you. But, you like to eat me. Maybe with a margarita. What am I?


Food riddle about nachos.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

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28. People say I’m long. But, I’m a small and round fruit. What am I?

A longan.

29. I’m a green vegetable that looks like a tree. What am I?


30. You can’t get enough of me. I’m sweet, gooey, warm, and crunchy. I’m best with a campfire. What am I?


31. I’m a cookie that holds your future. What am I?

A fortune cookie.

32. I’m a biscuit that’s not tall. So, elves and dwarves love me. What am I?


33. I’m a sweet treat that’s never on time. What am I?


34. I’m an orange vegetable that sounds like a parrot. What am I?

A carrot.

35. Squeeze me, and I’ll cry red tears. But, my heart is made of stone. What am I?

A cherry.

36. I come from a chicken. But, you made me an evil one. What am I?

A deviled egg.

37. I sound like a tree and a fruit. Some people love me on pizza. What am I?

A pineapple.

38. I’m a breakfast dish you soak in eggs. But, I come out sweet. You can also top me with berries and cream. What am I?

French toast.

39. I’m a vegetable that has a lot of animals. What am I?


40. I’m a bell, but you can’t ring me. I sound spicy, but I’m not. What am I?

A bell pepper.

41. I’m a bread that doesn’t rise much. I look like a ring. Spread butter or cream cheese or use me to make a sandwich. What am I?

A bagel.

42. I do what I do a lot. I might be obsessed. People eat me alone or with milk. What am I?


43. Sour explosions are what you think when you hear my name. But, I’m sweet. What am I?

Pop Tarts.

44. I’m made of dough. I can be knotty and twisted. I can be soft or hard. Dip me in sauce or eat me with a bit of salt. What am I?

A pretzel.

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