30+ Pear-Fect Fruit Puns


Do you need a berry good laugh? Take a break and read the best fruit puns that are pear-fect for making you laugh non-stop.

Variety of fruits.
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Hilarious fruit puns

1. You’re one in a melon.

2. You look berry nice today.

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3. You’re pear-fect!

4. Orange you glad we came here today?

5. To peach, their own.

6. If he’s not the one, let that mango.

7. I’m having a grape day.

8. It’s no fig deal.

9. Lime all yours.

10. We make a great pear.

11. I’m grapeful to have you in my life.

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12. This is an orange-nal.

13. Back in the day, they rode cherry-ots.

14. Honeydew you know how much I love you?

15. I’m raisin the bar.

16. I’m looking for the berry-d treasure.

17. Ap-pear-ently I didn’t get the pun.

18. Can you call the plum-ber?

19. Tell me your best one-lime-r.

20. Draw the lime in the sand.

21. We need a fresh pear of eyes to take a look.

22. Practice what you peach.

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23. That was an excellent pear-formance.

24. Never in a melon years.

25. Do you have any good pickup limes?

26. Peach for the stars.

27. I like to take naps durian the day.

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28. I cherry-sh these moments.

29. I trained fig-orously for the marathon.

30. The wrestlers gr-apple-d.

31. I ap-peach-iate you.

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