20+ Hilarious Vegetable Puns


Vegetables are good for you, and so are puns. Read hilarious vegetable puns that’ll produce an un-beet-able laugh.

Various vegetables grouped together.
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1. My heart skipped a beet.

2. We’re in un-chard-ered territory.

3. Peas out.

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4. Turnip the music!

5. Kale yeah!

6. Lettuce be grateful

7. I’m just Romaine around.

8. I don’t carrot all.

9. I want peas and quiet.

10. A plumber fixes leeks.

11. I love you from my head tomatoes.

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12. You’re kale-ing me.

13. Squash it.

14. I yam what I yam.

15. I made a fennel.

16. She needed money and decided to celery-ng.

17. That’s corn-y.

18. You’re un-beet-able.

19. I’ll go onion on about it.

20. Oh, peas.

21. Okra-ckers sound like a good snack.

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