50 Funny Beet Puns That Are Un-Beet-Able


Another name for beet is beetroot. It’s a nutritious vegetable with a unique red color. Read the funniest beet puns for a good laugh.

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Beets are a hearty root vegetable you can use in salads, dips, juice, and sandwiches.

The Cleveland Clinic states that it’s low in calories and high in nutrients.

If you’re a gardener, you can grow beets in cool seasons. They can even survive frost.

Now that you know fun facts about beetroot, read the following beet puns for a good laugh.

Hilarious beet puns

1. Beets me.

2. When the beet drops.

3. Just beet it.

4. My heart beets for you.

5. My favorite classical composer was Ludwig van Beet-hoven.

6. This is un-beet-lievable.

7. I’m feeling up-beet.

Beet holding a heart.
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8. Keep it beet-ween us.

9. I’m a DJ creating fresh beets.

10. Let’s bake a beet-za for dinner.

11. Try to beet my high score.

12. I’m un-beet-able.

13. The software is in beet-a mode.

14. The music sounds off-beet.

15. I beet off more than I can chew.

One and a half beets.
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16. You’re an am-beet-ious person.

17. Humans are creatures of ha-beet.

18. Her opening gam-beet gave her an advantage.

19. The path of a planet around a star is an or-beet.

20. The beets are in their natural ha-beet-at.

21. My favorite exhi-beet at the museum is the one for plants.

22. It has a beet-ter taste.

23. The placement of seeds was ar-beet-rary.

24. Some actions are prohi-beet-ed by law.

25. Don’t beet around the bush.

26. We’ll be friends for beet-ernity.

27. I’m beet-ernally grateful.

28. In writing, beet-hos uses character, credibility, or ethics to persuade.

29. I’m traveling to Beet-aly.

30. Don’t beet yourself up over it.

31. My new hobby is beet-boxing.

32. I got new headphones from Beets by Dre.

33. For beets sake!

34. There’s nothing like homemade beet-a bread.

35. An injured beet needs to go to the hos-beet-al.

36. He ca-beet-alized on the situation.

37. Preci-beet-ation is when it’s raining beets.

Three beets.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. Beet-rue to yourself.

39. It’s great to beet-houghtful.

40. She’s the e-beet-ome of success.

41. If I had to choose a form of martial arts, it would beet-aekwondo.

42. I’ll re-beet my sentence.

43. You have to beet-ough.

44. I’m making a beet bracelet.

45. She’s a beet-con of hope.

46. After exercising, I thought I would beet-ired.

47. I bought a new outfit to beet-rendy.

48. Beet-horough when reviewing paperwork.

49. If you don’t like beets, eating them would beet-orture.

50. The party will beet-onight.

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