50+ Best Music Puns


Music and puns, what more do you need? Read the best and funniest music puns that’ll leave you laughing to your own beat.

Music notes.
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Hilarious music puns

1. I’m Bach for more.

2. A drummer had two daughters, Anna One and Anna Two.

3. Balloons are scared of one genre, pop music.

4. Let’s play Haydn seek.

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5. While Jay-Z and Beyoncé were engaged, she was his Fi-yoncé.

6. To fix an instrument, you need a tuba glue.

7. The pianist kept banging his head against the keys because he was playing by ear.

8. Mummy’s love listening to rap.

9. You can rely on a fish for good music because it knows its scales.

10. I have so many songs to memorize that I need to make a Liszt.

11. Elf-is Presley.

12. The music teacher got on a ladder to hit the high notes.

13. I can’t Handel these puns.

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14. The Olympic athlete couldn’t listen to music because she broke her record.

15. Avocados listen to guac ‘n’ roll.

16. There’s one part of a chicken that plays music. It’s the drumstick.

17. Musical dentures are also called a falsetto teeth.

18. The only computer brand to win a Grammy is a Dell.

19. Uke, I’m your father.

20. If it’s going to work, it has to B flat.

21. Help the musician. He’s in treble.

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22. To make a bandstand, take away their seats.

23. Rabbit’s love hip hop.

24. For fun, cats make meow-sic.

25. There’s music coming from the printer because the paper is jamming.

26. You’re under a rest.

27. That’s a new re-chord.

28. A golf club’s favorite music is swing.

29. Oboe, not again.

30. It takes heart to play the organ.

31. This sandwich needs a piccolo two.

32. Mozart-rella sticks.

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33. My car baroque-d down.

34. I wrote a rap about tortillas.

35. Let’s view the ocean from the clef.

36. I work as a coda.

37. Washington D.C. is Da Capo-tal of the U.S.A.

38. I turned forte today.

39. It’s either his or harmony.

40. I’ll tell hymn tomorrow.

41. I’m cooking lento-ls for dinner.

42. I was mezzo-merized.

43. Should we go a tenor eleven?

44. Accordion to the scale, I lost weight.

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45. Cello, it’s me.

46. Chai-kovsky loved tea.

47. Tuner or later, you’ll get it.

48. I’d band over backward for you.

49. Kanye stop by later today?

50. What a kind jazz-ture.

51. I’m medley in love with you.

52. I Brahm-ise to stand by you through thick and thin.

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