25+ Bear Puns That Are Un-bear-ably Funny


Bears can be adorable and scary. They’re also excellent for puns. Step out of hibernation with un-bear-ably funny bear puns.

Brown bear walking in the snow with trees behind it.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny bear puns

1. Bear with me.

2. I bear-ly noticed.

3. I love you bear-y much.

4. You meet all of the koala-fications.

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5. I built this with my bear hands.

6. It was a tough run. I bear-ly made it.

7. I’ll add straw-bear-ry jam to my toast.

8. The bearer of bad news.

9. A wet bear is also called a drizzly bear.

10. It was panda-monium.

11. There’s a bear-rier.

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12. A-bear-antly, that’s how it’s done.

13. I’m pre-bear-ing for the exam.

14. I don’t want to em-bear-rass you.

15. I bear-lieve you.

16. I think we should add more because it looks a bit bear.

17. These are the bear necessities.

18. Time for bear-obic exercise.

19. When a polar bear moved to Florida, it became a solar bear.

20. The bear-ista made a delicious latte.

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21. I’m making a bear-rito for dinner.

22. You’re the bear-y best.

23. I’m looking for a wheel-bear-row.

24. On a hot day, we need bear conditioning.

25. This is high-koala-ty.

26. One hundred bear-cent.

27. A bear without teeth is a gummy bear.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.