75 Best Puns about Puns That Are Pun-Believably Punny


If you love puns, read the ultimate list of puns about puns. You’ll crack up reading the funniest play on words.

Puns are a form of wordplay. Some consider them the best jokes, while others groan.

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The best part is that you can make a pun about anything. Examples include puns about dessert, music, animals, or gardening.

You can even make puns about puns. They’re as follows.

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The best puns about puns

1. If a pun does something bad, it gets pun-ished.

2. To relieve stress, get acu-pun-cture.

3. The person couldn’t throw a football, only pun-t.

4. Puns are never early or late because they’re pun-ctual.

5. Puns aren’t funny unless they have a pun-chline.

6. I ran inside because of a pun-derstorm.

7. I held a pun-draiser to get more money.

8. Pun-stoppable puns become the best.

9. My favorite arcade game is pun-ball.

10. I moved to Pun-sylvania.

11. If a someone is sagging, tell them to pull up its pun-ts.

12. Seven days without a pun makes one weak.

13. I only write with pun-cils.

14. Pun-til next time.

15. It can be pun-comfortable.

16. I submitted ten puns to the contest and hoped to win, but no pun in ten did.

Ten puns contest.
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17. Kleptomaniacs don’t pun-derstand puns because they take things literally.

18. We have puns in the oven.

19. What a pun-derful day!

20. We live at the top of the apartment building, in the pun-thouse.

21. Don’t be pun-reasonable.

22. It’s pun-questionable.

23. I was pun-alized with detention.

24. Puns are the pun-acle of humor.

25. Buy the pun-dle because it’s cheaper.

26. A good pun is its own reword.

27. You’re too pun-ny.

28. Sometimes, it can be pun-bearable.

29. That’s quite the pun-dertaking.

30. I’m learning proper pun-ctuation.

31. You’re pun in a million.

Pun in a million.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

32. He went to the pun-itentiary.

33. That company is pun-damentally sound.

34. Get as many as you’d like. It’s pun-limited.

35. Just o-pun the door.

36. Pun-fortunately, I can’t stop.

37. Hide in the pun-ker.

38. I feel so a-pun-dant.

39. We’re heading to the pun-insula.

40. My job offers a pun-sion.

41. It’s the shape of a pun-tagon.

42. We’re going to As-pun, Colorado.

43. This will dam-pun the sound.

44. S-pun-d within your means.

45. These experiences dee-pun our bond.

46. This hap-pun.

47. I can’t handle the sus-pun-se.

Pun about suspense.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

48. The pitcher’s warming up in the bull-pun.

49. Fry it a little longer to cris-pun it.

50. Dogs are some of the best com-pun-ions.

51. It may take a few days for the avocados to ri-pun.

52. I prefer sus-pun-ders over belts.

53. Increase the height to stee-pun the slope.

54. I might go, but it de-pun-ds.

55. Try to lower your ex-pun-ses.

56. I took the new job because they offered better com-pun-sation.

57. It’s a dis-pun-sary.

58. That’s my pun-cle.

59. Figure out the pun-derlying issue.

60. Let’s see the pun-cut version.

61. When I lost my job, I was pun-employed.

62. It’s pun-known to me.

63. It may be pun-fair.

64. Make it more stable. It looks a little pun-stable.

65. They’re the pun-sung heroes.

66. Pun-leash the beast.

67. It pun-ctions as it should.

68. I can’t tell what it is. It’s pun-identifiable.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

69. This is pun-sustainable.

70. I s-pun around for pun minute and feel pun-coordinated.

71. Put it pun-derwater.

72. They’re the pun-emy.

73. I pun-joy spending time with you.

74. You pun-rich my life.

75. The dentist checks your pun-amel.

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