50+ Funny Animal Puns


Earth contains an estimated 8.7 million animals. From adorable to intimidating, there are many of them. Read the best animal puns.

A smiling bull.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious animal puns

1. You’re adora-bull.

2. Everything whale be alright.

3. You’ve goat this.

4. You’re turtle-y awesome.

5. You’re my deer friend.

6. I bee-lieve in you.

7. Have a mice day.

8. Rhino how to do it.

9. You quack me up.

10. It’s irr-elephant.

11. I’m kind of a pig deal.

12. You meet all of the koala-fications.

13. I’m not lion.

14. You’re one in a chameleon.

15. I’m bear-ly awake.

16. You giraffe me crazy.

17. This is very a-moose-ing.

18. Well, this is hawk-ward.

19. Let minnow when you arrive.

20. Owl wait for you.

21. It’s panda-stic.

22. You’re otter-ly amazing.

23. We’re growing pug-tatoes.

24. I’m the chimp-ion.

25. Iguana be yours.

26. Let’s go on a picnic. Alpaca lunch.

27. The seal of approval.

28. I’m toad-ally going to the concert.

29. Sometimes life isn’t ferret all.

30. I did it on porpoise.

31. I’ll gopher the top spot.

32. Toucan play this game.

33. I’m boar-ed.

34. I have no i-deer.

35. Don’t be shellfish.

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36. That was hippo-critical.

37. Watch jungle cats carefully when you play a game because they’re cheetahs.

38. Llama just say that you’re special.

39. I need to use a cow-culator.

40. I find it emu-sing.

41. Oh my cod!

42. You must be heron things because that’s not what I said.

43. I sent you the lynx to the articles.

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44. Parrot with something else.

45. Bison. Have a great day.

46. There’s hope for hu-manatee.

47. Let’s cobra.

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48. Are you squid-ing me?

49. No fox given.

50. I thought she was lost, but I flounder.

51. He was chicken you out.

52. Hare you go.

53. It’s time to seal-ebrate.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.