20+ Sloth Jokes That’ll Quickly Make You Laugh


Sloths move incredibly slowly. It’s what they’re known for. Read the funniest and best sloth jokes that’ll quickly make you laugh.

Sloth hanging off of a branch.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny sloth jokes

1. What do sloths do when there’s a snowstorm?

They make a slow-man and throw slow-balls.

2. How long does it take for a sloth to cross the road?

Nobody knows. It’s still working on it.

3. Why are sloths the most social animals?

They love to hang out.

4. What do you call a slow slot machine at a casino?

A sloth machine.

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5. What do sloths read every morning?

The snooze paper.

6. What’s a sloth’s favorite band?

Slow Patrol.

7. Why didn’t the sloth want to go out?

It wanted to sleep.

8. How does a sloth express gratitude?

Thank you slow much.

9. What do you call a sloth that studies existence and nature?


10. How does a sloth encourage others to persevere?

Hang in there.

11. What do sloths drink in the morning?


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12. What does a sloth say before it has a party?

Let’s get sloth-ed.

13. What kind of food will you never find a sloth eating?

Fast food.

14. Why don’t sloths kiss on a first date?

They take it slow.

15. Why did the sloth get a computer science degree?

To become a sloth-ware engineer.

16. Why did the sloth condition its fur?

To make it sloth-t.

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17. What did the sloth say when it got in trouble for being late?

Better late than never.

18. What’s a sloth’s favorite piece of furniture?

A sloth-a.

19. What do scientists call an intelligent sloth?

A slow-mo-sapien.

20. How much do sloths eat?

A sloth-ful lot.

21. What sport do sloths play?


22. What’s a sloth’s favorite year of high school?

Sloth-more year.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.