25+ Best Pug Puns for Dog Lovers


Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds. They’re small and adorable. If you love dogs, the funniest pug puns that’ll have you laughing.

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1. It’s pug-ly.

2. The toilet is pug-ged.

3. There’s a lady pug.

4. I’m learning how to pug-gle.

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5. Pug life.

6. Pug-get about it.

7. I pug-ging love you.

8. For pugs sake.

9. We’re going to the pug-kin patch.

10. Holy pug-amole.

11. Get a pug-tato for our fries.

12. Pug-aroni pizza.

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13. I made a pug-ket list.

14. Pug it in to see if it works.

15. Group pug.

16. Oh no! There are bed pugs.

17.Help, I’m pug-gling.

18. Pug, not again.

19. Pull the pug.

20. I got to sit in the pug-out at the baseball game.

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21. Pug-mented reality.

22. They’re more pug-ressive.

23. I started a new training pug-ram.

24. Pugs and kisses.

25. I brought my coffee pug.

26. It’s a brand new hockey pug.

27. It’s so loud. I need ear pugs.

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