35+ Best Star Puns in the Galaxy


Read the funniest star puns that are out of this world. In fact, they’re the best ones in the entire galaxy. You’ll be laughing so hard.

Stars in the galaxy.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny star puns

1. Let’s have a star-ing contest.

2. You star the best person I’ve ever met.

3. It’s a beautiful star-y.

4. I prefer the stars over the elevator.

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5. I’m heading to the grocery star.

6. The astronaut Apollo-gized for dropping a star.

7. This is the best app on the App Star.

8. The best-rated place is the Milky Way. It has more than 100 billion stars.

9. The baby star woke up in the middle of the night because it had to go twinkle.

10. Cows want to be astronauts so they can see the Milky Way.

11. I still have a star-eo.

12. It’s made with star-ling silver.

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13. He was star-n.

14. That was a kind ge-star.

15. I’m going on a road trip with my si-star.

16. I want a house with a large ma-star bedroom.

17. She was flu-star-ed.

18. It’s a my-star-y.

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19. Make sure you star the soup.

20. We avoided a disa-star.

21. I didn’t mean to star-tle you.

22. Aliens avoid our solar system because it only has one star.

23. It’s the last seme-star of the school year.

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24. I live on the we-star-n side of the state.

25. It was in a clu-star.

26. Star you coming with us?

27. I have a po-star of the galaxy.

28. He’s my favorite sports broadca-star.

29. I’m being Sirius.

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30. The shooting star was arrested.

31. I sent your selfies to NASA because you’re a star.

32. Hey, sun.

33. That’s my next-star neighbor.

34. Locked behind stars.

35. Money in space is called star-bucks.

36. There’s Aquila on the loose.

37. I have no comet.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.