50+ Funniest Art Puns


Art is a fun and creative activity that’s great for people of all ages. Read the funniest art puns for a good laugh.

Paint brushes and supplies.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious art puns

1. How art you doing?

2. I tried to paint the sky, but I blue it.

3. You can blend the rules.

4. Use eco-blendly supplies.

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5. You have my art.

6. The artist was framed.

7. It’s all the Monet I have.

8. Hue are you?

9. I woke up at the crack of drawn.

10. It’s not for the paint of heart.

11. That’s a sketch.

12. I started a new diet, so I’m counting galleries.

13. I love listening to mosaic.

14. It was a pigment of my imagination.

15. Right back at hue.

16. It’s about how you portrait it.

17. There’s a tone of people at this event.

18. Step on the pedal to make the Van Gogh.

19. I’ll texture later.

20. I graduated collage.

21. I’m drawn to art.

22. Let’s grab a sandwich from the Dali.

23. O’Keeffe they did that.

24. The artist is so good that she drew a crowd.

25. The cat drew a paw-trait.

26. Take it easel-y.

27. The band is going contour.

28. We’re forging abstract art ideas.

29. He was an impasto.

30. After all is said and tone.

31. Don’t be matte, be glad.

32. If you’re optimistic, avoid negative space.

33. Can you pastel bread?

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34. The paintbrush went to the doctor because of a stroke.

35. The artist took things too far. He didn’t know how to draw the line.

36. Cows go to the art moo-seum.

37. Pirates love arrr-t.

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38. When Vincent van Gogh told stories, he had Story Night.

39. Artists handle criticism well. They just brush it off.

40. Michaelangelo told the ceiling, “I got you covered.”

41. I can’t remember the art piece from my dream. It’s now blurred.

42. That’s the Starry of my life.

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43. You can Crayon my shoulder.

44. The artist seemed sketchy.

45. Let’s Gogh to the party.

46. You armature.

47. I’d blend over backwards for you.

48. I’m etching to give it a try.

49. Blended by the light.

50. Pablo Pig-caso.

51. Vincent Van Goat.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.