40+ Hilarious Office Jokes for Work


Few things bring people together, like laughter. Read and share the funniest work-appropriate office jokes for a good laugh.

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Funny office jokes

1. Why did the employee get fired from the calendar factory?

He took a day off.

2. Why did the can crusher quit its job?

It was soda pressing.

3. How did the developer go broke?

He used up all of his cache.

4. Do you know who I listed as my emergency contact for work?

A very good doctor.

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5. Why do construction workers have the best parties?

They raise the roof.

6. Do you know why teamwork is important?

You can blame someone else.

7. What’s the only downside to working in a paperless office?

You’ll find out when you need to use the bathroom.

8. Do you know what a committee is?

Ten people doing one person’s job.

9. Do you know how I can tell my boss has OCD?

She notices every time I don’t finish my work.

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10. Have you heard about the guy who stole a calendar?

He got 12 months.

11. What does the top dentist get as an award?

A little plaque.

12. Do you know what a resumé is?

It’s a list of things I don’t want to do.

13. Why did the employees leave work?

The boss told them to have a great day.

14. How did the employee lost their job at the cannon factory?

They got fired.

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15. Do you know what a clean desk means?

Messy desk drawers.

16. Do you know why my job is secure?

No one else wants it.

17. Why’s it best to find a partner that works at a zoo?

They’re a keeper.

18. Do you know why I quit my job at the helium gas factory?

I didn’t appreciate their tone of voice.

19. Which days of the week are the hardest?

The first five days.

20. How do employees at NASA organize a party?

They planet.

21. Why’s it bad to be irreplaceable at work?

If you can’t be replaced. Then, you can’t be promoted.

22. Do you know why I got a job cleaning mirrors?

It’s the only one I could see myself doing.

23. Why did the taxi driver get fired?

The customers didn’t like her going the extra mile.

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24. How did being kind get me fired as a bus driver?

I gave my seat to the blind person.

25. Do you know why I don’t tell jokes about unemployed people?

None of them work.

26. What’s the best way to get along with your boss?

Always look busy.

27. Why is the last minute important?

Without it, nothing will get done.

28. If my least favorite part of my job isn’t the long commute, what is it?

The eight-hour wait to go home.

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29. Do you know what to do if you don’t succeed?

Redefine success.

30. Why is work so fascinating?

I don’t know, but I can sit and stare at it for hours.

31. Do you know why I didn’t work hard?

They said hard work never hurt anyone, but I didn’t want to risk it.

32. Do you know what I said to my boss after being accused of plagiarism?

Stealing from one person is plagiarism, but stealing from many is research.

33. What did the employee say in the interview when they said they needed someone responsible for the job?

I’m the right fit. At my previous job, everyone said I was responsible when something went wrong.

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34. Do you know what I said when my boss asked for ways to keep the office clean?

By staying home.

35. Why did the banker quit their job?

They started losing interest.

36. Why did the doctor lose their job?

They didn’t have patients.

37. Do you know how to keep the dream alive?

Hit the snooze button.

38. Why did the Nike employee quit their job?

They just couldn’t do it anymore.

39. Why did the psychic lose her job?

She didn’t see it coming.

40. Do you know why I drink coffee at work?

It helps me do stupid things faster.

41. Do you know why you can’t trust atoms?

They make up everything.

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