30+ Funny Wine Puns


Get together with your friends, grab a bottle of wine and a nice platter because you’ll want to share the funniest wine puns.

Two wine glasses.
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Hilarious wine puns

1. I can’t find my glasses.

2. Sip back and relax.

3. I make pour decisions.

4. Wine a little, laugh a lot.

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5. You had me at merlot.

6. You’re the wine for me.

7. Stop and smell the rosé.

8. Chardonnay, or should I go?

9. Hakuna moscato.

10. Great minds drink alike.

11. Everything happens for a riesling.

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12. I feel like I’m on cloud wine.

13. Wine not?

14. Ah, screw it.

15. Rise and wine.

16. Partners in wine.

17. Don’t mess with a person’s wine because they’ll get sangria than ever.

18. It’s time to wine down.

19. Will you be wine?

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20. When the grape was crushed, it let out a little wine.

21. Why have less scato when you can have mo-scato.

22. I’ll be there in a Prosecco.

23. Que syrah, syrah!

24. You can’t sip with us.

25. While you can’t cry at the vineyard, you can wine.

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26. Read between the wines.

27. I’m not old. I’m aged to perfection and full-bodied.

28. This is wine-derful.

29. All for wine and wine for all.

30. You’re wine in a million.

31. No wine left behind.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.