30+ Cheesy Pizza Puns


Pizza lover or not, you can’t beat cheesy pizza puns. Next time you grab some pizza or enjoy it with friends, share funny puns.

Pepperoni pizza on a stone table.
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1. Slice, slice, baby.

2. You knead to dough these pizza puns.

3. Want a pizza me?

4. I was going to tell you a pizza pun, but it’s too cheesy.

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5. You’ll always have a pizza my heart.

6. Have a slice day.

7. I ate every pizza it.

8. In pizza we crust.

9. Another one bites the crust.

10. You’re on the crust of greatness.

11. It’s the yeast I could dough.

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12. Our love has deep pan-d.

13. Leaning Tower of Pizza.

14. Cheese pizza is grate.

15. A dog’s favorite pizza topping is mutt-zarella.

16. You’re a weir-dough.

17. This is a pizza work.

18. I a-dough you.

19. What a beautiful pizza art.

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20. It’s a pizza cake.

21. I should’ve used aloha temperature because I burnt my Hawaiian pizza.

22. The mushroom always gets invited to pizza parties because he’s a fungi.

23. Pizzachu! I cheese you.

24. I’m a little inde-slice-sive.

25. If your pizza breaks, put it back together with tomato paste.

26. Chees-us Crust.

27. Pizza mind.

28. I need to freshen my skills. They’re a bit crusty.

29. Good-pie.

30. Anteaters prefer ant-chovies on pizza.

31. A sleeping pizza is a pizza.

32. I got pizza-pped.

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