70+ Hilarious Pizza Jokes for Cheesy Laughs


Pizza is a delicious Italian dish. There are many types, including cheese, pepperoni, and veggie. Read hilarious pizza jokes for a laugh.

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Pizza is fantastic, tasty, and versatile. You can have it for a party or a dinner for two.

There are also many choices. Whether you like cheese, Margherita, veggie, or pepperoni, there’s a pizza you’ll love.

Aside from toppings, there are different styles. Neapolitan is the original, but you can have others like Chicago, Sicilian, or New York style.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following pizza jokes. They’re perfect for National Pizza Day (February 9) or anytime you have a slice.

The ultimate list of pizza jokes

1. Why don’t pizza makers like pizza jokes?

They’re too cheesy.

2. What did the pizza say to its significant other?

You have a pizza my heart.

3. What does pizza say after meeting someone?

Slice to meet you.

Slice of pizza.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. What’s a pizza’s favorite song?

Slice Slice Baby.

5. What do you call a fake pizza topping?

A pepper-phony.

6. What’s a pizza’s favorite landmark in Italy?

The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

7. Why did the mushroom always get invited to pizza parties?

He’s a fungi.

8. How do you know pizzas are secretive?

They only share things on a knead-to-know basis.

9. Where did the pharaoh order pizza?

Pizza Tut.

10. What does a pizza say in the morning?

Cheese the day.

11. How do you fix a broken pizza?

Use tomato paste.

12. What’s a dog’s favorite pizza topping?


13. What does a pizza say before leaving?


14. Why do hipsters burn their mouths when eating pizza?

They eat pizza before it’s cool.

15. What kind of people doesn’t like pizza?


16. What’s the difference between a good and bad pizza joke?

The delivery.

17. What do you call someone who can’t decide on a pizza to order?


18. Why has the pizza restaurant desperate for customers?

They kneaded the dough.

19. What do you get after eating too many pizzas for too long?


20. What do you call a sleeping pizza?


21. What’s the fastest way to burn 2,000 calories?

Leave the pizza in the oven.

22. What do you call a tired dad making pizza?

Papa Yawns.

23. What does pizza wear to smell good?


24. What’s the difference between pizza and pizza jokes?

Pizza jokes can’t be topped.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

25. What did the pizza maker say when a customer asked if the job is challenging?

It’s a pizza cake.

26. How does a baby pizza look?


27. What did the pizza say before getting into a fight?

Do you want a pizza me?

28. What do you call a short pizza maker with a cold?

Little Sneezers.

29. What does it say on pizza money?

In pizza we crust.

30. What did the pizza maker learn after burning the Hawaiian pizza?

Use aloha temperature.

31. Why didn’t the famous pizza want to go out?

There were a lot of pepper-azzi.

32. What did the pizza say to the topping on Valentine’s Day?

Olive you.

33. What tops a plain pizza?


34. Did you hear about the pizzeria on the moon?

They have delicious pizza, but no atmosphere.

35. What’s a pizza’s favorite movie from the 1980s?

Pie Hard.

36. What’s a carpenter’s favorite pizza topping?


37. What does a pizza say when it’s afraid?

Fold me close.

38. Where do rich pizzas put their money?

A crust fund.

39. What did the pizza say to the crying one?

Don’t pizza-d.

40. What kind of cheese do hairdressers put on pizza?


41. Which pizza sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain in 1492?

Crust-opher Columbus.

42. What did the Dalai Lama say after walking into a pizzeria?

Make me one with everything.

43. What do you call a slice of pizza in a museum?

A pizza history.

44. What does pizza say when it’s surprised?

Cheese-us Crust.

45. Why was the pizza yelling at the others?

It was giving them a pizza its mind.

46. How did the pizza feel after getting a layer of cheese on it?


47. How do pizzas get their voices heard?

They have a pizza-ful protest.

48. What did the delivery driver say while delivering the final pizza?

Last but not yeast.

49. What happens to pizza sauce each day?

Here today, gone tomato.

50. How does pizza dough prepare for the day?

It stretches.

51. What’s a pizza’s favorite winter activity?

Slice skating.

52. What did the pizza write on its anniversary card?

A lot of cheesy things.

53. What did the pizza say after meeting the love of its life?

Cheese the one.

54. What did the pizza teacher say about the underperforming student?

There’s so mushroom for improvement.

55. How did the Romans cut their pizza?

They used Caesars.

56. What do you call a negative pizza maker?

A pizza-mist.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

57. Where does pizza go for a destination with great nightlife?


58. Did you hear about the person that ate a frozen pizza?

It wasn’t very thawed out.

59. What did the pizza say to the gorgeous topping?

I never sausage a beautiful face.

60. How do pizzas choose their partners?

They slice them up.

61. What did the pizza say to break up with the other?

I’m dough-ne with you.

62. What do you call a pizza that won’t get to the point?

Pizza-round the bush.

63. What does a pizza say to express frustration?

For pizza-ke.

64. Why did the pizza get in trouble?

There was a breach of crust.

65. How many pizzas does it take to feed a party?

A dough-zen.

66. How do pizza detectives solve mysteries?

They put the pizzas together.

67. What song plays when someone takes a bite out of a pizza?

Another One Bites the Crust.

68. Did you hear about the local restaurant that created the world’s largest pizza base?

I’d love to see someone top that.

69. What can a whole pizza do that a half can’t?

A whole pizza can look round.

70. What did the pizza receive after doing a good job?


71. Why couldn’t the pizza see the big picture?

It was just a pizza the puzzle.

Slice of pizza.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

72. What’s a pizza’s favorite fruit?


73. What did the pizza say after a misunderstanding?

At yeast let me explain.

74. What did the pizza say to its best friend?

No matter how you slice it, you’re awesome.

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