75+ Grate Cheese Puns for Gouda Laughs


Read the best cheese puns to put your mind at cheese. You’ll have a feta laugh than with any other cheesy pun.

Cheese puns are some of the best because, well, they’re cheesy.

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There are many types of cheese, including hard and soft options. The dairy product also has various textures and flavors.

If you’re looking for a gouda laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

The following are the funniest cheese puns.

Different types of cheese on a wooden board.
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The best cheese puns

1. It doesn’t get cheddar than this.

2. Look, it’s a muenster.

3. It’s all gouda.

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4. You’re brie-lliant.

5. With time, you’ll get feta.

6. Cheese! You look grate today.

Cheese being grated.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. I like to listen to R&Brie.

8. It Swiss what it is.

9. Will you brie mine?

10. If it’s meant to brie, it’ll brie.

11. In queso emergency.

12. Praise cheeses.

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13. I wonder what it curd be.

14. I brie-lieve you

15. I gouda go.

16. Let’s brie friends forever.

17. Give it some time, it’ll get cheddar.

18. Have a gouda-y.

19. I Swiss you were here.

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20. Do you have a hypotheswiss?

21. Are you feeling a little bleu?

22. I bleu out the candles.

23. Edam and Eve.

24. Emmental tell you, but I forgot.

25. If you think of something feta, let me know.

Feta cheese pun.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

26. We’re better to-cheddar.

27. Everything will brie alright.

28. I love when your parmesan mine.

29. Take it cheesy.

30. A-brie to disa-brie.

31. Don’t poke yourself with cheddar because it’s sharp.

32. Let’s play fris-brie.

33. It’s okay to cheddar tear.

34. Bring cheese to the gym to get shredded.

35. Cheese all that.

36. Cheese the day.

37. It’s cheddar to give than brie-ceive.

Cheddar and brie cheese.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. Ricotta keep going.

39. He’s my arch neme-swiss.

40. Mind your own cheese-wax.

41. Cheddar days are coming.

42. What’s the swiss-ue?

43. I’m not able to grab it when your parmesan it.

44. I’m fondue you.

45. Bring a queso muenster.

46. That’s what cheese said.

47. We must clean the de-brie.

48. She’s my swiss-ter.

49. Cheesy does it.

50. How dairy not like cheese puns?

51. Cheese wisely. It’s an important decision.

52. Gruyere is the new black.

53. I could havarti keep up with you.

54. I’ll brie here in the gouda and bad times.

55. I’m feta-p with this.

56. It’s feta to be safe than sorry.

Cheese pun names

1. Brie-once

2. Justin Brie-ber

3. Arnold Swiss-enegger

4. Leonardo DiCa-brie-o

5. Jennifer Ani-stilton

6. Brie-hanna

7. Ginnifer Gouda-win

8. Brie Diddy

9. Paris Stilton

10. Cardi Brie

11. Tomme Hanks

12. Tomme Cruise

13. Taylor Swiss

14. Rachel Ricotta

15. Colby-Jack O’Donis

16. Roman-o Wilhelmi

17. Cheese-us

18. Jane Fondue

19. Kim Curd-ashian

20. Feta Wap

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