155+ Funny Lobster Puns and Jokes


Share a hearty laugh that’ll make waves with lobster puns. The intriguing crustacean is a feast for your funny bone and a treat for your taste buds.

Lobster with claws up.
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Lobsters are marine crustaceans known for their distinctive features. They have elongated bodies, formidable tails, and long lifespans.

You can find them in the northwest Atlantic, and they inhabit the ocean floor. They have a penchant for rocky and sandy environments; most are nocturnal.

The remarkable crustaceans also hold culinary significance. Many luxurious seafood dishes feature lobster meat. Next time you encounter the intriguing creature, add a dash of humor by sharing lobster puns.

Claw-some lobster puns and one-liners

1. The lobster answered the phone and said, “shell-o.”

2. Don’t expect a lobster to share. They’re shellfish.

3. Lobsters love to drink claw-fee.

4. The lobster on a sleigh is Santa Claws.

5. You’re a lob-star.

6. The religious lobster believes in cod.

7. The lobster bisque was soup-er good.

8. Lobsters keep their clothes in the claw-set.

Lobster and closet graphic.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

9. The only thing worse than a lobster on your piano is a crab on your organ.

10. An annoyed lobster is a frust-acean.

11. Lobsters don’t like tight spaces because they’re claws-traphobic.

12. Lobsters don’t like sports because they’re afraid of nets and getting caught.

13. Lobsters keep their books on book-shell-ves.

14. Lobsters laugh so hard because humans crack them up.

15. That lobster is cray-sea.

16. I met a claw-some lobster.

17. The lobster wanted to be a claw-yer.

18. I can’t call her because I lobster number.

19. A lobster asked the other, “Shell we dance?”

20. The lobster drained its bank account. It was shelling out money.

21. The lobster did it on porpoise.

22. The lobster left because it didn’t like pier pressure.

23. That lobster is unique and not Maine-stream.

24. The lobster and I didn’t sea eye to eye.

25. A lobster’s favorite shot in tennis is the lob.

Lobster holding tennis racket.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

26. The lobster had to go to physical therapy because it pulled a mussel.

27. A famous lobster is a shell-ebrity.

28. To wait for a bus, lobsters go to the bus-tacean.

29. The lobster from SpongeBob Squarepants is hil-Larry-ous.

30. Lobsters evade taxes through shell companies.

31. The lobster said, “What the shell?!”

32. The lobster had a claw-ful day.

33. The lobster blushed after it saw the ocean’s bottom.

34. The lobster crossed the road to get to the other tide.

35. Lobsters are sea-level students. But, they also become sea-suite executives.

36. That lobster has one shell of a claw.

37. We gave up on the lobster. It was a lost claws.

38. That lobster sea-n in the movie was incredible.

39. Lobsters travel by shell-icopter.

40. That lobster was late all the time. She lobster job.

41. Have a lobster-rific day.

42. Lobsters are one shell of a creature.

43. I heard about scientists creating a new species of lab-ster.

44. Lobsters are fascinating. They leave me in claw.

45. After working so hard, the lobster said, “Shell we call it a day?”

46. There’s a new dance move called the lobster claw-l.

47. After a silence in the conversation, the lobster felt claw-kward.

48. On daylight savings, lobsters turn back the claw-k.

49. A lobster compliments another by saying, “You have a nice claw-line.”

50. After lobster-working, you get claw-dust.

51. I lobster. Then, I flounder.

52. Lobsters are quick on the claw.

53. Every month, lobsters mow their claw-n.

54. The lobster is facing a claw-suit.

55. That lobster is an out-claw.

56. A skeptical lobster always needs to sea it to believe it.

57. A lobster’s favorite hotel chain is Claw Quinta.

58. It’s lob-viously a lobster.

59. The lobster asked the other, “Can you e-lob-orate?”

60. When it was time to leave, the lobster said, “Duty claw-lls.”

Lobster jokes

1. What did the lobster say to the crab? You’re my pinch hitter.

2. What’s a lobster’s dream car? The Shell-by Mustang.

3. What’s a lobster’s favorite class in school? Algae-bra.

4. What did the lobster do after getting its undergraduate degree? It went to bisque-ness school.

5. Did you hear about the lobster at the talent show? It shell-shocked everyone.

6. What topic is the lobster’s speech on? Claws and effect.

7. What’s a lobster’s favorite music genre? Claw-sical.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

8. What do lobsters watch on TV? Claw & Order.

9. Where do bad lobsters go at the end of their lives? Shell.

10. What did the lobster say to the other after seeing something unbelievable? Pinch me.

11. Why do lobsters make excellent photographers? They always capture the perfect snap.

12. How does a lobster protect its head? By wearing a shell-met.

13. Why did the lobster do stand-up comedy? To crack up the audience.

14. Why do lobsters make the best storytellers? They always have a tail to tell.

15. What does a lobster do at the gym? Claw-dio.

16. What’s a lobster’s least favorite day? Fry-day.

17. Who’s a lobster’s favorite media personality? Ryan Seacrest.

18. What do you call a lobster whose job is to mix soup? A lob-stir.

19. Why do lobsters make great detectives? They always get to the bottom of things.

20. How do lobsters take care of their lawn? They use a sea-Weedwacker.

21. What do you give a lobster after a performance? A round of a-claws.

22. Which lobster makes all the rules? The law-bster.

23. Why doesn’t the lobster get disappointed? It’s claw-fully optimistic.

24. Where does a lobster stop for gas? Shell.

25. What did the lobster say after losing its strength? I’m just a shell of my former self.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

26. What did the lobster say during a storm? Re-Maine calm.

27. Why did the lobster make decisions due to bias? Its judgment was claw-ded.

28. Who’s a lobster’s favorite martial artist? Jean-Claw-d Van Damme.

29. What does an influential lobster have? Claw-t.

30. What’s the most common lobster name? Claw-de.

31. Why did the lobster laugh? Because the sea weed.

32. What did the lobster say to its spouse? I lob you.

33. What do you call a lobster that chooses carefully? Shell-ective.

34. Why was the Atlantic Ocean screaming? It had lobsters on its bottom.

35. Which lobsters were the most famous explorers? Lewis and Claw-rk.

36. Why don’t lobsters play volleyball? They’re afraid of the net.

37. What does a lobster influencer post on social media? Shell-fies.

38. What’s a lobster’s favorite song? We Shell Overcome.

39. What does a lobster order at a coffee shop? A claw-tte.

40. Which football position does a lobster play? Tide end.

41. Why was the lobster rushed to the emergency room? It had a blood claw-t.

42. How do you describe a lobster that puts others in front of itself? Shell-fless.

43. Who’s a lobster’s favorite singer? Lady Claw Claw.

44. What do lobsters call the long-term shift in temperature and weather? Claw-mate change.

45. What do you call a male lobster? A lob-sir.

46. What do you call a drawing of a lobster? An illustr-acean.

47. Why couldn’t the lobster make new friends? They were all too crabby.

Lobster with claws up.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

48. Where did the lobster go with dreams of becoming an actor? Claws Angeles.

49. Did you hear about the game between the lobster team and the crabs? The lobsters claw-bbered the crabs.

50. What’s a lobster’s favorite video game? Claws-t Ark.

51. What kind of movie did the lobster create? Anim-acean.

52. What do you call a high-quality lobster? Lobster-ling.

53. Did you hear about the metal lobsters in the ocean? They’re rust-aceans.

54. What do you call a group of gross lobsters? Disgust-aceans.

55. What’s a lobster’s favorite restaurant chain? Shell-i’s.

56. What’s a lobster’s favorite Pokémon species? Shellos.

57. How do lobsters get a ride to the other side of town? They call a crab.

58. Why didn’t the lobster care about rules? It was above the claw.

59. What do you call a lobster that disintegrates? A dust-acean.

60. What does a lobster bring to a potluck? Cole-claw.

61. What did the lobster say after its first date? I think I’m in lob.

62. What does a lobster say when it’s going through a tough time? I shell prevail.

63. What’s a lobster’s favorite line from Shakespeare’s plays? Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?

64. What does a lobster cowboy say to express excitement? Yee-claw.

65. Why did the lobster get arrested? It broke the claw.

66. Why did the client fire its lobster lawyer? They lobster case.

Lobster pun names

Whether you see a lobster in the wild or have one as a pet, give it a funny and memorable name. It’s creative, enjoyable, and builds a connection with your pinchy pal.

1. Lobzilla

2. Clawdius

3. Clawde

4. Pinchocchio

5. Clawdine

6. Clawdia

7. Pinchamin

8. Lobert

9. Sir Pinch-a-Lot

10. Clawra

11. Clawmentine

12. Clawment

13. Shelly

14. Shellby

15. Shellia

16. Lobella

17. Pinchley

18. Shellsea

19. Mishell

20. Roshell

21. Marshell

22. Rishell

23. Clawviar

24. Clawstin

25. Clawrence

26. Clawreen

27. Clawton

28. Clawrie

29. Clawryl

30. Lobrey

Final thoughts

After diving deep into the ocean and reading lobster puns, which was your favorite? They’re excellent to remember because any marine crustacean lover will find them hilarious.

Terrifying, fascinating, cute, or delicious. Regardless of how you describe lobsters, use the puns and jokes to cause a tidal wave of laughter.

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