105+ Best Shell Puns That Are Shell-arious


Shells protect the animal inside. You’ll find plenty at the beach. Read the funniest shell puns that’ll have you cracking up next time you see one.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

When you think of the beach or a vacation, shells are one of the things that come to mind.

Often, you’ll find empty shells washed up on shore.

Next time you see a seashell on the beach or at a gift shop, remember the following shell puns.

They’re perfect for sharing with others, as you’ll make everyone laugh. They’re shell-arious.

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Funny shell puns

1. Shell yeah!

2. You’re so spe-shell.

3. Find shell-ter.

4. Let’s shell-ebrate.

5. We shell overcome.

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6. Let’s shell-f this for later.

7. Be generous, not shell-fish.

8. Always be your-shell-f.

9. My favorite instrument is the shell-o.

10. I’m going to the spa to get a fa-shell.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

11. Join us for an ice cream so-shell.

12. It’s cru-shell to follow each of the steps.

13. The judi-shell branch is one of three branches of the government.

14. I went on a cruise to Alaska, and I felt so cold due to the gla-shell winds.

15. I’m working to improve my spa-shell awareness.

16. A person of multiple races or ethnicities is multira-shell.

17. Shells keep their money in a finan-shell institution.

18. I love to so-shell-ize.

19. If you have a specific concern, the doctor will refer you to a spe-shell-ist.

20. My new job focuses on artifi-shell intelligence.

21. I love watching infomer-shells.

22. I bought new socks after seeing a commer-shell.

23. It was great after the ini-shell struggles.

24. My new hobby is mar-shell arts.

25. I was disappointed in the quality of the shells I bought. So, the store gave me a par-shell refund.

26. You have so much poten-shell.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

27. Before you become a lawyer, you need the creden-shells.

28. Some things are optional, but others are essen-shell.

29. It happens in sequen-shell order.

30. She was an impartial judge.

31. I don’t like busy streets. So, I take walks through residen-shell neighborhoods.

32. His business experienced exponen-shell growth.

33. The Electoral College is a part of the presiden-shell election process.

34. There are secret shells that no one can see. They’re confiden-shell.

35. It’s difficult to get into Harvard. They’re shell-ective.

36. Traveling can be a ha-shell.

37. My truck has a die-shell engine.

38. Let’s take a shell-fie.

39. I’m the new school coun-shell-er.

40. My kids went on the carou-shell at the amusement park.

41. I always put tin-shell on the Christmas tree.

42. The water is shell-ow.

43. Shell-ots are closely related to onions.

44. She went to the nail salon and got shell-ac nails.

45. I’m meeting with a con-shell-tant this week.

46. You must be shell-ucinating.

47. Shell-elujah!

48. Call me on my shell-phone.

49. It happens at a shell-ular level.

50. My new house has a wine shell-ar.

51. I apologize for the can-shell-ation.

52. This is ex-shell-ent!

53. My favorite type of pasta noodle is vermi-shell-i.

54. She’s a shell-ebrity.

55. I eat shell-ery with peanut butter.

56. That’s a beautiful por-shell-ain bowl.

57. What the shell?!

58. It’s offi-shell.

59. Turtles have a hard time making friends because they don’t like to come out of their shells.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

60. Shell-o, it’s me.

61. I’m doing stem shell research.

62. It was the last morsel of bread.

Puns based on different shell names

Shells on each other.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Keep clam and cowrie on.

2. I love you a tun.

3. I’m tellin you!

4. It was conch-roversial.

5. You’re in conch-rol.

6. There’s a tun-derstorm.

7. I’m going on vacation to the Cowrie-bbean.

Cowrie shell.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

8. My favorite sport is tun-nis.

9. I admire your tun-acity.

10. Thanks for your conch-ribution.

11. I like the conch-rast between the colors.

12. If nine doesn’t work, triton.

Shell puns for celebrity names

1. Shell-vester Stallone

2. Ro-shell Aytes

3. Shell-don Cooper

4. Mar-shell Mathers (Eminem)

5. Mi-shell Obama

6. Shells Adams

7. A-shell-y Benson

8. Gi-shell-e Bundchen

9. Kate Beckin-shell

10. Ra-shell McAdams

11. Ru-shell Brand

12. Shell-ma Blair

13. Shell-sea Handler

14. Den-shell Washington

15. Nipsey Hu-shell

16. Shell-if Keita

17. Shell-ine Dion

18. Shell-ie Goulding

19. Kate Go-shell-in

20. Howard Shell-tz

21. Ryan Go-shell-ing

22. Shell-ma Hayek

23. Shell-oh Jolie-Pitt

24. Idina Men-shell

25. Lea Mi-shell

26. Shay Mit-shell

27. Vanessa Mar-shell

28. Isabella Ro-shell-ini

29. Keri Ru-shell

30. Alicia Shell-verstone

31. Blake Shell-ton

32. Brooke Shell-ds

33. Taylor Shell-ing

34. Zoe Shell-dana

35. Shell-ene Woodley

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.