60+ Romantically Funny Love Puns


Whether it’s a special day or you want to remind your partner how much you love them. Read the best love puns that are sweet and funny.

Volcano with lava coming out.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Hilarious love puns

1. I lava you.

2. I forking love you.

3. I love you watts and watts.

4. I donut know what I’d do without you.

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5. Every pizza me loves every pizza you.

6. I love you s’more each day.

7. We make the perfect pear.

8. Olive you so much.

9. We be-lung together.

10. You’re the loaf of my life.

11. I whale always love you.

12. You’re my butter half.

13. I love you berry much.

14. I love you a latte.

15. I love you pho real.

16. I love you from my head tomatoes.

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17. You’re bee-autiful.

18. There’s so mushroom in my heart for you.

19. You make my heart skip a beet.

20. You must be a lightbulb because you light up my life.

21. I cannoli have eyes for you.

22. You’re all I knead.

23. Will you brie mine?

24. Let’s avo-cuddle.

25. Like puzzle pieces, we just fit.

26. You’re one in a melon.

27. We’re mint to be.

28. I’m fur-ever yours.

29. Words can’t espresso how much you mean to be.

30. Owl love you forever.

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31. I’m toad-ally into you.

32. You’re a cute-cumber.

33. I’m grape-ful to have you.

34. You’re sodium beautiful.

35. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

36. I’m whey into you.

37. No bunny compares to you.

38. I love spending koala-ty time with you.

39. I’m fawned of you.

40. You must be made of copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe.

41. You’re such a cutie pi.

42. You’re my life porpoise.

43. I dolphin-ately love you.

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44. Muffin will ever come between us.

45. Yoda one for me.

46. I’m a hopeless ramen-tic for you.

47. I’ll love you gnome matter what.

48. I’m coconuts for you.

49. Thanks for pudding up with me.

50. Honeydew you know how much I love you?

51. No one could love you batter.

52. I love you, pig time.

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53. Lime so lucky to have you.

54. I love you a waffle lot.

55. There are a chameleon reasons that I love you.

56. You’re the raisin that I smile.

57. I glove you.

58. I want to get jalapeno pants.

59. You’re brew-tiful.

60. I have fillings for you.

61. I love you like no otter.

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