40+ Hilarious Gym Jokes


Whether you’re in between sets, warming up, or you finished your workout, read the funniest gym jokes to get a good laugh.

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1. I asked a girl to go to the gym with me for our first date, and she didn’t show up.

I guess we’re not going to work out.

2. What kind of vegetable lifts weights?

Muscle sprouts.

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3. How does a powerlifter do cardio?

By lifting weights faster.

4. She said, “gym or me.”

Sometimes, I miss her.

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5. What happens when Chuck Norris finishes his workout?

The gym takes a break.

6. Why did the Uber driver cancel his gym membership?

He doesn’t Lyft.

7. Why did the burger do squats?

To get bigger buns.

8. Why did the new weightlifter get a perm?

They read that curls might help their arms grow.

9. Why did the farmer get kicked out of the gym?

She was destroying her calves.

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10. A man asked the personal trainer what machine he should use to impress women.

The personal trainer pointed outside and said, “the ATM.”

11. I decided to hop on the treadmill until I got weird looks.

So, I started jogging instead.

12. What do you call it when people are gathered around the squat rack talking?

Jaw day.

13. What do you have to give when you cancel your gym membership?

A too weak notice.

14. Why did the chicken go to the gym?

To work on its pecks.

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15. Why couldn’t the weightlifters get evicted?

They were squatting.

16. Why shouldn’t you work out near a body of water?

You might pull a mussel.

17. I signed up for a gym membership.

So far, I have lost $200.

18. Why do impatient people hate going to the gym?

Because of the weights.

19. Why didn’t the cheese need to go to the gym?

It was already shredded.

20. I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today.

That’s 3 years in a row now.

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21. How did the T-Rex feel after its first workout?


22. I stopped running on the treadmill.

It was going nowhere.

23. Why did the rapper make a quick stop at the gym?

To get a lil pump.

24. Why aren’t gyms haunted?

Everyone’s exorcising.

25. Why did the priest go to the gym?

For muscle mass.

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26. Did you hear about the weightlifters on Wall Street?

They were hoping to get capital gains.

27. I don’t hate leg day.

It’s the two days after that I can’t stand.

28. I go to the gym religiously.

About twice a year, around the holidays.

29. What do you call a pumpkin that’s been working out?

A jacked-o-lantern.

30. Why did the girl get arrested after her workout?

She killed it.

31. I’m so glad I stopped bench pressing.

It took a weight off of my chest.

32. My personal trainer asked why I ran to the restaurant when he said, “time to lunge.”

I thought he said it was time for lunch.

33. What’s a pirate’s favorite exercise?

The plank.

34. Why do teddy bears avoid the gym?

They don’t want to get ripped.

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35. I thought that I could do yoga.

But, it was a bit of a stretch.

36. I do multiple sit-ups every morning.

I get up, hit snooze, and go back to sleep. Then, repeat the cycle.

37. What did the weightlifter say when the protein container was empty?

No whey.

38. Why did the weightlifter sit in the urinal?

It was leg day.

39. Why is the gym the perfect place to find a partner?

You’ll find your swole mate.

40. Why do weightlifters eat Skittles?

To taste the gain, bro.

41. Why did the bodybuilder keep changing his clothes?

Everyone keeps telling him that he’s ripped.

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