35+ Purr-Fect Cat Puns


Cats can be excellent companions. Plus, they’re entertaining. Read the funniest cat puns that are simply purr-fect.

Orange cat laying on a bed.
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1. You’ve got to be kitten me.

2. Stay pawsitive.

3. You look purr-fect.

4. Let’s climb to meow-tain.

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5. I was laughing hiss-terically.

6. I’m feline great today.

7. Right here, right meow.

8. Purr-haps we can try a different day.

9. Happy purr-thday.

10. How claw-some!

11. How about to-meow-row?

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12. That’s claw-ful.

13. That cat’s a legend. She’ll go down in hiss-tory.

14. I’ve got cat-titude.

15. Let’s have a paw-jama party.

16. I’ll have a meow-tini, please.

17. Paws and soak in the sun.

18. All of the cat treats are gone. What a cat-astrophe.

19. It’s fur-real.

20. Can you take meow-t to lunch?

21. Look at the kittens forming a purr-amid.

22. It’s purr-manent.

23. A cat’s dream car is a Fur-rari.

24. He’s a paw-trait photographer.

25. I’d love to see a meow-sical.

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26. The cat police are also known as claw enforcement.

27. Make sure you have good paw-sture.

28. That’s so a-meow-sing.

29. This place is purr-adise.

30. My cat has the cutest purr-sonality.

31. I’ve got the paw-er.

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32. Be paw-lite and have a good cat-titude.

33. Oh, paw-lease.

34. You’re such a great cat-hlete.

35. I’m fur-tunate to have met you.

36. Let’s explore the paws-ibilities.

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