105+ Chicken Puns (Eggs-cellently Funny and Compre-hen-sive List)


Entertain your inner comedihen with the funniest chicken puns. They’re so clucking good and will leave you laughing hysterically.

Side of a hen walking on grass.
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If there’s an animal always associated with humor, it’s the chicken.

One of the classic jokes is, ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ There’s no shortage of chicken humor.

If chicken puns beak your interest, you’ll love the following.

It’s an eggs-tensive list of hilarious puns to bring out your inner comedi-hen.

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Funny chicken puns

1. Puns bring out your inner comedi-hen.

2. When it’s cold, I need my hen-kerchief.

3. I have high egg-spectations.

4. Hold on. I must chicken (check on) the pie.

5. To run a marathon, you need hen-durance.

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6. When I need something done, I trust a chicken because they do a compre-hen-sive job.

7. Cluck off.

8. I’ve been chicken you out.

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9. A chicken’s favorite thing to watch is a chick flick.

10. Chicken’s love classical music. Specifically, Bach.

11. Did you pass the egg-xam?

12. Chickens love two cities, San Fr-hen-cisco and New Yolk.

13. I’ve done it so many times it’s like cluck-work.

14. If it’s raining, stay hen-side.

15. On Halloween, chickens say “chick or treat.”

16. I’m just yolking around.

17. Chickens won’t drive an SUV, only a coop.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

18. Let’s go to the park and have a peck-nic.

19. Where’s the hen-trance?

20. The chicks of the trade.

21. Mothercluckers.

22. You’re so hen-some.

23. I’m staying at the chick inn.

24. You’re a one chick pony.

25. That made me smile chick to chick.

26. I’m working around the cluck.

27. Chickens that live in a forest are known as poul-tree.

28. I saw a chicken wearing hen-cuffs.

29. A mischievous egg is a practical yolker.

30. A chicken’s favorite historical landmark is Stone-hen-ge.

31. Talk is cheep.

32. I’m going to Chick-ago.

33. Some chickens are so hen-thusiastic.

34. That chicken is an eggs-plorer.

35. Chick the hen-cyclopedia.

36. When the light turns green, a chicken will eggs-celerate.

37. Let’s bake coop-cakes.

38. Chickens communicate with fowl language.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

39. Take this eggs-it.

40. The chicken studied egg-onomics.

41. There was an eggs-plosion.

42. Cluck-er up.

43. Did you see the chicken with cluck-teeth?

44. It’s twelve o’cluck.

45. The only car brand a chicken would drive is a Hen-da.

46. If you liked it, then you should have put a wing on it.

47. You’re im-peck-able.

48. Chickens send letters in hen-velopes.

49. Chickens love peck-an pie.

50. I’m in a peck-le.

51. Just look at the big peck-ture.

52. A baby chicken’s favorite dance is chick-to-chick.

53. Tough chickens come from hard-boiled eggs.

54. When you cross a chicken with a bell, you get an alarm cluck.

55. The chicken at the top of the pecking order is Attila the Hen.

56. An evil hen lays deviled eggs.

57. Chick a sickie.

58. Cluck the button.

59. Chickens wake up at the cluck of dawn.

60. Chickens go to sleep at the same time, half-past hen.

61. If you cross a ghost with a chicken, you get a poultry-geist.

62. The turkey crossed the road to prove it wasn’t chicken.

63. The chicken launched a dating app as a side gig to make hens meet.

64. I’m trying to cage your reaction.

65. Beak-a-boo.

66. Like feather, like son.

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67. Pullet closer.

68. I love the transition from summer to fowl.

69. Check your peck-ets.

70. No harm, no fowl.

71. You’re hen-dering my progress.

Chicken pun names

Chickens on a road near trees.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. Cluck Norris

2. Angelina Jo-peep

3. Hen-nifer Aniston

4. Abra-hen Lincoln

5. Amelia Egg-hart

6. Chick-uille O’Neal

7. David Beak-ham

8. Hen Solo

9. Hen-neth Poultry

10. Liam or Chris Hens-worth

11. Peter Pecker

12. Albert Egg-stein

13. Oprah Hen-frey

14. Yolk-o Ono

15. Chick-ira

16. Lindsey Lo-hen

17. Ry-hen Goslin

18. Meg-hen Fox

19. Obi Wan Hen-obi

20. Heidi Plume

21. Orlando Plume

22. Princess Lay-a

23. Kylo Hen

24. Barbie and Hen

25. Chick Jagger

26. Chick-ole Kidman

27. Val-hen-tina

28. Kar-hen Gillan

29. Hen-dall Jenner

30. Hen-ye West

31. The Beak-nd

32. Cluck Kent

33. Peck-y G

34. Hen Affleck

35. Cluck-er Carlson

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