40+ Funny Car Puns


Read the funniest car puns to fuel your laughter. You’ll be exhausted from laughing so hard. They’re also great for sharing with anyone.

Cat sitting in a Ferrari.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Hilarious car puns

1. A cat’s favorite car is a Fur-rari.

2. A Star Wars fan’s favorite car brand is To-Yoda.

3. A line of trucks is also known as a pick-up line.

4. The only thing worse than it raining cats and dogs is hailing taxis.

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5. A car that can go underwater is a Scuba-ru.

6. A Jeep car is all I can af-Ford.

7. Car puns are exhausting.

8. I found the Kia to a successful life.

9. H-Audi, partner.

10. That Escalade-d quickly.

11. If a frog’s car breaks down, it gets toad.

12. Don’t let a pig drive, it’ll hog the whole road.

13. To keep items together, use Accord.

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14. I’m not Fiat.

15. Every weekend, Volkswagen owners Golf.

16. If Apple made a car, would it have Windows?

17. Car you coming with us or not?

18. RV there yet?

19. If a cat wants an SUV, it’ll get a Cat-illac.

20. A chef prefers to drive a Chef-rolet.

21. My package is Honda way.

22. The restaurant had large Porsche-ns.

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23. They were Saab-ing.

24. There’s always vroom for more.

25. Is there Acura not?

26. Dodge it.

27. I have my Scion you.

28. I didn’t mean to o-fender.

29. If a dinosaur crashes a car, it’s called a T-Wrecks.

30. We built a Ford.

31. I hit my Nissan the table.

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32. We have Sentra-l air conditioning.

33. You can have one Tucson.

34. Why the Ford is my pet trying to Escape?

35. I have one Outback.

36. He went Rogue.

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37. To Infiniti and beyond.

38. The snake drove an ana-Honda.

39. I wanted to learn how to drive a stick shift, but I couldn’t find the manual.

40. The mechanic slept under the car because he had to wake up oily.

41. I left it Honda table.

42. I’m not hungry because i8.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.