20+ Best Haircut Jokes


Whether you’re a barber or the one getting a haircut, there’s humor in the process and styles. Read the funniest haircut jokes.

Person getting a haircut.
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Hilarious haircut jokes

1. How does a man on the moon get a haircut?

Eclipse it.

2. Did you get a haircut?

No, I got them all cut.

3. Where do sheep get haircuts?

At the baa-baa-shop.

4. What’s a barber’s favorite summer activity?

Hosting a barber-que.

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5. At first, I’m not satisfied with my haircuts.

But then, it grows on me.

6. Why do barbers always win races?

They take the shortcut.

7. Why did the rabbit go to the barbershop?

To get a hare-cut.

8. My barber interrupted my horse story.

I told him not to cut off my pony tale.

9. What type of haircut do bees get?

A buzzcut.

10. What’s a barber’s favorite designer?


11. Why should you always bring a ruler when you get a haircut?

No barber or hairstylist has the same meaning for a 3-inch trim.

12. Why do people use a strand of hair to use their phone?

They were told to get a hair stylus.

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13. Why did the barber go to the client’s house?

He wanted a come-over.

14. Why did the hairstylist give the client blankets?

She asked for layers.

15. What does a bee use to style its hair?

A honeycomb.

16. Why do barbers have the best security?

They have many guards.

17. Why did the barber punch the client?

He asked for an undercut.

18. Why did the hairstylist light fireworks?

The client wanted bangs.

19. Who can shave 20 times a day and still have a beard?

A barber.

20. What type of haircut gets a degree?

A graduated cut.

21. Why did the hairstylist ask for help?

She was in a hairy bad situation.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.