45+ Soup-er Funny Soup Puns


Soup is a versatile meal that’s perfect on a chilly day. Read the souper funny soup puns to make your meal more enjoyable.

A cape on a bowl of soup.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny soup puns

1. I’m a souper hero.

2. You make miso happy.

3. I’m being pho real!

4. I’m souper proud of you.

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5. You’re a soup-erstar.

6. This is pho miso back off.

7. What-soup?

8. What is it soup-posed to be?

9. Have a soup-erb day.

10. I’m not soup-rised.

11. Just pho-get about it.

12. I’ll ask my soup-ervisor.

13. Thanks for being soup-portive.

14. You’re un-pho-gettable.

15. It’s stew-pid.

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16. Ducks eat quackers with their soup.

17. That’s a nice soup-er car.

18. This soup is making miso hungry.

19. Extra hot soup always takes your breath away.

20. I fell pho you.

21. You’re the best broth-er.

22. You take my broth away.

23. I can be a bit soup-erstitious.

24. I become a bouillon-aire by selling broth.

25. That’s pho-nomenal.

26. I’m a hopeless ramen-tic.

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27. You’re the one pho me.

28. This is soup-reme quality.

29. To make gold soup, add 24 carrots.

30. It’s soup-erior.

31. The soup was stewing over something its brother said.

32. Miso soup is so self-aware.

33. A ghost’s favorite soup is scream of broccoli.

34. I ran out of soup-plies.

35. Every morning, I take soup-plements.

36. It was only soup-erficial.

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37. Don’t soup-press your feelings. Just let it out.

38. I soup-pose.

39. I had to ramen-d the menu to show the correct soup.

40. You must be a philo-soup-her.

41. You look soup-histicated.

42. I’m heading to the soup-ermarket.

43. When a bowl of soup explodes, it’s a soup-ernova.

44. Sorry, we’re out of stock.

45. It was soup-ernatural.

46. Pho-k it.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.