20+ Sun Puns to Brighten Your Day


Brighten your day with the best sun puns that are solar-ious. You know what they say, sun’s out, puns out.

Graphic of a smiling sun.
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1. Like father, like sun.

2. You’re my sol-mate.

3. Sun of a pun.

4. Been there, sun that.

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5. It’s all sun and games until you run out of light.

6. ‘Tis the sea-sun.

7. Every morning the sun says, “rays and shine!”

8. The sun keeps shining, and it’s sun-stoppable.

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9. Hot cups are also called sunglasses.

10. It only takes one per-sun to start a movement.

11. To achieve your goal, you must have a strong rea-sun.

12. You have a great per-sun-ality.

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13. Before I choose a car, I need to do a compari-sun.

14. This steak needs more sea-sun-ing.

15. When it’s all said and sun, I love summertime.

16. Don’t take it per-sun-ally.

17. Once a week, I eat a sundae.

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18. The choir sang in uni-sun.

19. I knew it wasn’t the sun, it was an imper-sun-ator.

20. This re-sun-ates with me.

21. A bigger and younger version of the sun is a grand-sun.

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