20+ Funny Light Puns


From light bulbs to sunlight, read the best and funniest light puns to brighten your mood. You’ll get a good laugh.

Hand holding a light bulb.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious light puns

1. Watt’s up?

2. You light me up.

3. Better light than never.

4. The bulb only brought a personal item to the airport because it travels light.

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5. It’s never too light to learn.

6. Stay positive, no matter watt.

7. I never light to you.

8. A bulb in armor is a knight light.

9. The light show was lit.

10. That was en-light-ening.

11. I’ll be waiting light here.

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12. Can I get a watt, watt?

13. It’s light as snow.

14. I’m a light owl.

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15. If light had mass, it’d be called heavy.

16. Hold the door open and be po-light.

17. Plants are thin because they eat light.

18. Meteorologists rely on satel-light imagery.

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19. The lamps were arrested because they were involved in shady business.

20. She’s a socia-light.

21. Can you help me trans-light this into another language?

22. I took it light-erally.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.