30 Cool Ice Puns


Whether it’s freezing outside or you’re tossing a few ice cubes into lemonade, read the coolest ice puns that won’t slip your mind.

Three ice cubes.
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1. I only have ice for you.

2. Icy you.

3. Ice-wore an oath.

4. I’m going to ride my b-ice-ycle.

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5. Sometimes, I prefer ice-olation.

6. Frosty loves salad made with iceberg lettuce.

7. Have an ice day!

8. I love living in an icehouse because igloo it together if it falls apart.

9. Snowmen refer to their kids as chill-dren.

10. I couldn’t get a job at the ice rink because there was a hiring freeze.

11. Strangers walk on the frozen lake to break the ice.

12. Did you see the advert-ice-ment?

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13. I couldn’t tell that was a celebrity due to the disg-ice.

14. Let’s throw a supr-ice birthday party for her.

15. A workout in Antartica is called exerc-ice.

16. I’ll ask my superv-ice-r.

17. Hopefully, no problems ar-ice.

18. Well, that was icy.

19. Have you been naughty or ice?

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20. That concept would revolution-ice the industry.

21. Turn it clockw-ice.

22. I’d like to personal-ice the t-shirt.

23. Ice to meet you.

24. I saw it with my own two ice.

25. Icy what you did there.

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26. I’ll have to speak with my adv-ice-r.

27. Wow, this is parad-ice.

28. I won the bike as a pr-ice.

29. I went to Yellowstone National Park to see a g-ice-r.

30. These shoes feel a bit tight. I don’t think they’re the right s-ice.

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