The 15 Best Chocolate Puns


Chocolate is a well-loved treat that comes in many forms and flavors. Read the best chocolate puns that’ll make you melt.

Pieces of chocolate stacked on eachother.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious chocolate puns

1. Chocolate is never on time.

2. The magician had a few Twix up his sleeve.

3. All I heard were Snickers.

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4. The only chocolate in space is the Milky Way.

5. A chocolate fruit is a cocoa-nut.

6. I like you a choco-lot.

7. I Lindt them money.

8. The chocolate sports car is called a Ferrari Rocher.

9. After a long day, I went to the chocolate bar.

10. Chocolate and milk are such great friends that they have a special handshake called a chocolate milkshake.

11. At the airport, I could only find plane chocolate.

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12. When Chewbacca was covered in chocolate, he was called a chocolate chip wookiee.

13. A monkey’s favorite type of cookie is chocolate chimp.

14. A sheep covered in chocolate is known as a chocolate baa.

15. A chocolate-covered elk is also known as a chocolate mousse.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.