92 Hilarious Bread Puns to Make You Loaf So Hard


Read freshly baked bread puns that’ll crack you up. Whether you love bread or food puns in general, you’ll be laughing non-stop.

Funny bread puns are perfect for a good laugh.

Whether you bake bread, know a bread lover, or appreciate humor, bread puns are right up your oven.

The best part is that bread puns never grow mold. So, tell them to people today and five years from now.

You’ll get the same chuckles and laughs.

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Get bready to loaf with the following bread puns.

Close-up of different types of bread.
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The best bread puns

1. Last, but not yeast.

2. Bready or not, here I crumb.

3. My kids are so kneady.

4. Just loafing around.

5. You’re toast!

6. You bread my mind.

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7. Naan of your business.

8. Ciabatta hurry up.

9. The baker woke up on the wrong side of the bread.

10. Money is called dough because we knead it.

11. The butter said to the bread, “I’m on a roll.”

12. It’s a matter of loaf or death.

13. Rye are you being so serious?

14. All you knead is loaf.

Loaf of bread with a heart and text.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

15. I loaf you dough much.

16. I can dough better.

17. Let’s bread on it.

18. I went there yeast-erday.

19. Sometimes, you’ll break down and rye.

20. Daily grain-d.

21. The bread and her bread-smaids.

22. Live and loaf.

23. Baguette it.

24. S-bread it around.

25. It was a hy-bread.

26. It’s past your bread-time.

27. Bread puns never get stale.

28. Second to naan.

29. It is wheat it is.

30. You’re the apple of my rye.

31. Have a loaf-ly day.

32. Another one bites the crust.

33. The bread couple broke up because their relationship was crumbling.

34. My new bakery business is on the rise.

35. Don’t be sour, dough.

36. Next time you need a loaf, challah at me.

37. The bread told its friend that went through a breakup, “You deserve butter.”

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. I’m on the crust of perfecting a bread recipe.

39. On Valentine’s Day, bakers give each other flours.

40. Crust me, I got this.

41. Let’s make it grain.

42. I ship bread through the toast office.

43. Pilgrims baked bread on the May-flour.

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44. I’m b-ready to have some bun.

45. Wheat make the best of friends.

46. Baguette out of the way.

47. Wheat it and weep.

48. Rye did you bake my heart?

49. One breadstick said to the other, “You’re my butter half.”

50. Rye-se and shine.

51. Re-pita story one more time.

52. English muffins aren’t born, they’re bread.

53. A loaf of bread’s favorite show is Breaking Bread.

54. Dough or doughnut, there is no rye.

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55. The bread said to the cheese, “I’m so grilled to see you.”

56. There’s no such thing as a crumby bread pun.

57. At night, you knead to read bread-time stories.

58. Did you see the movie with Tom Cruise? It’s called Top Bun.

59. For dessert, a thesaurus eats a synonym bun.

60. I’m staying at a bread and breakfast (B&B).

61. 52 slices of toast is a deck of carbs.

62. The banker wanted the baker to pumpernickels.

Bread pun names

1. Rye-n Rye-nolds

2. Challah Berry

3. Bread Sheeran

4. Grain Johnson

5. Bread Pitt

6. Pita Ora

7. Naan-cy Juvonen

8. Kristen Boule

9. Wheat-ney Houston

10. Pita Pan

11. Marlon Bran-dough

12. Clint Yeast-wood

13. Bread-ley Cooper

14. Yeast Witherspoon

15. Crostini Aguilera

16. Leonar-dough DiCaprio

17. Rye-hanna

18. Bill Mur-rye

19. Yeast-ie Boys

20. Winona Rye-der

21. Angelina Dough-lie

22. Jennifer Dough-pez

23. Ma-dough-na

24. Elon Crust

25. Bread Paisley

26. Jason Dough-rulo

27. Vincent van Dough

28. Toast Malone

29. John Dough

30. Jane Dough

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.