45+ Baking Puns to Make Baker’s Loaf


Baking is so much fun. Plus, once your baked good is ready to eat, it’s delicious. While you’re waiting, read the funniest baking puns.

Hands holding dough.
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Funny baking puns

1. I loaf you.

2. You’re making me loaf.

3. Weir-dough.

4. All you knead is loaf.

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5. Bake the world a better place.

6. It’s what you bake it out to be.

7. It’s the yeast you can do.

8. You bread my mind.

9. You’re baking me crazy.

10. You deserve butter.

11. I’m a whisk-taker.

12. You’re the zest.

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13. For goodness bakes.

14. Bake a leg.

15. On Valentine’s Day, give a baker flours.

16. Should we listen to the Yeast-ie Boys or The Rolling Scones?

17. An unknown baker is called John Dough.

18. The baker had a baby. A dough-ter to be exact.

19. For old times’ bake.

20. Don’t bake my heart.

21. Muffin compares to you.

22. It’s easier bread than done.

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23. Last, but not yeast.

24. Get bready to crumble.

25. I’m leaven tomorrow.

26. It’ll get batter over time.

27. This book evokes emulsion.

28. That’s only sift you want to go.

29. Stop torting your own horn.

30. We make an excellent cream.

31. I’m fo-crust on winning.

32. I’m loafing so hard.

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33. We’re going grain or shine.

34. That’s a beautiful piece of tart.

35. This cake dough-minates the rest.

36. Those are loaf-ty trees.

37. It’s been a bread-uctive day because I’ve baked several cakes.

38. I’m taking the bake-roads.

39. Truth be fold.

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40. I’m graining the advantage.

41. It was a sha-dough.

42. My dog was pure-bread.

43. Make a bread-iction.

44. I love making dough-nations to a good cause.

45. Taekwon-dough.

46. My grammar used to bake the best synonym rolls.

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