20+ Ferry Funny Boat Puns


Are you at sea searching for the ferry best and funniest boat puns? You’re in the right place. Drop your anchor and get ready to laugh.

Sailboat in the ocean.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious boat puns

1. I’m ferry impressed.

2. It’s a-boat time.

3. Prevent wrinkles with boat-ox.

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4. Ship happens.

5. I like big boats and I cannot lie.

6. Bullship.

7. Stories told on boats always have a ferry-tale ending.

8. Let’s take the sea-nic route.

9. What a humble a-boat.

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10. When a boat isn’t feeling well, it goes to the dock.

11. Let’s sail-ebrate!

12. Buoy, the views are incredible.

13. I’m crazy a-boat you.

14. You look boat-iful.

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15. You’ve yacht to be kidding me.

16. It’s quite the oar-deal.

17. Let’s sea where this goes.

18. Yacht do you want?

19. Is this on sail?

20. You float my boat.

21. Don’t be anchor-y, be happy.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.