30+ Fang-Tastic Vampire Puns


Vampires are mythological beings and one of the most popular for Halloween. Read the funniest and best vampire puns.

Vampire surrounded by bats.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny vampire puns

1. You’re fang-tastic.

2. When you cross a snowman and a vampire, you get frostbite.

3. What a pain in the neck.

4. Mints are for bat breath.

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5. Fang you very much.

6. You’re up necks.

7. It sucks.

8. I can hear a vampire coffin.

9. Vampires aren’t great artists because they can only draw blood.

10. You can Count on me.

11. Vampires keep their money at the blood bank.

12. The stakes are high.

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13. The Vampire State Building.

14. I bite you to it.

15. You’re not my blood type.

16. I’m taking a coffin break.

17. They’re looking for new blood.

18. I volunteered to be a vampire at a local baseball game.

19. To travel across water, vampires ride blood vessels.

20. I’m getting food from the casket-eria.

21. When you cross a duck and vampire, you get Count Quack-ula.

22. He’s a fang-ster.

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23. I’m a fang of you.

24. Look on the bite side.

25. In the neck of time.

26. Vampires like vein-illa ice cream.

27. You’re a little batty.

28. Fangs for everything.

29. No bat vibes.

30. Vampires eat neck-tarines.

31. When you’re making a vampire directory, make sure you Count Dracula.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.