55+ Best Witch Puns That Are Wickedly Amazing


Witch puns are perfect for sharing on Halloween. Read the funniest and best ones that are wickedly amazing and hilarious.

Witch riding a broomstick.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Funny witch puns

1. Witch, please.

2. I’ll be witch-you in a minute.

3. Show me an hex-ample.

4. Witch is witch?

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5. She’s a late broomer.

6. Hex-t me later.

7. You’re a basic witch.

8. Witching you a Happy Halloween.

9. I’m writing it in curse-ive.

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10. Spell the beans.

11. Witches fly on broomsticks to make a clean getaway.

12. Spell yeah.

13. Hex appeal.

14. Bake it in the coven.

15. It’ll leave you bewitched.

16. Witch better have my money.

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17. What’s up, witches?

18. Witch-ful thinking.

19. Witches love learning how to spell.

20. I’m eating a sand-witch for lunch.

21. Be sure to spell-check.

22. Resting witch face.

23. Flip the light’s witch.

24. Have an hex-tra special day.

25. We’re broom-mates.

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26. Angry witches fly off the handle.

27. Witch-ipedia has all of the answers.

28. I had to witch-hike because my car broke down.

29. For better or for warts.

30. I don’t give amuck.

31. Let’s get the hex out of here.

32. You’re going to be witch and famous.

33. Let’s take a spell-fie.

34. I’m so hex-cited.

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35. You en-witch my life.

36. Be careful what you witch for.

37. I love the spell of a fresh brew.

38. It was a spell-er performance.

39. I witch you were here.

40. What an inspiring rags to witches story.

41. I like the o-witch-inal version.

42. Life’s a witch.

43. I’m witch you need.

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44. You can coven-side.

45. Of curse!

46. Witch way should I go?

47. I’m a wicked witch.

48. I know how to drive a stick.

49. Keep calm and carry a wand.

50. Son of a witch.

51. I’ll make an hex-ception.

52. Witch one is your ghoul-friend?

53. Creeping it real.

54. I’ll order broom service.

55. I bought a new broom-erang.

56. Bring your broom-box.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.