20+ Pancake Puns That Are Flipping Funny


Pancakes are one of the tastiest breakfast items. While you’re eating them, add humor to your morning by reading pancake puns.

Stack of pancakes on a plate with berries on top.
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Funny pancake puns

1. No other pancakes stack up to yours.

2. You’re flipping awesome.

3. Pan-cats.

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4. The more pancakes, the butter.

5. I pancake it anymore.

6. The angry pancake flipped out.

7. Comedians eat pun-cakes.

8. I pancake my eyes off of you.

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9. Flip, flip, hooray.

10. These pancakes are flipping delicious.

11. If you leave pancakes out in the sun for too long, you’ll get tan-cakes.

12. Excuse me, sir-up.

13. You deserve butter.

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14. Life’s batter with pancakes.

15. Thin pancakes crepe me out.

16. To make pancakes, pandas use a pan-duh.

17. Pancake my day.

18. If you can’t flip pancakes, you’re a flip-flop.

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19. To make a pancake smile, butter it up.

20. My pancakes smell like roses. I think I used the wrong flower.

21. Pancakes can’t sing well. They’re too flat.

22. The pancake couldn’t sleep. It kept tossing and turning.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.