30+ Egg Puns That’ll Crack You Up


Eggs are a breakfast essential. They’re also egg-cellent for humor. Read the funniest egg puns that’ll crack you up.

Egg cartoon with smiling face.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

1. Eggs-ercise is good for your health.

2. Egg-cellent job!

3. I’m so egg-cited.

4. I’m egg-static.

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5. It’s eggs-tra good today.

6. That person is a little egg-centric.

7. It’s about to egg-splode.

8. I’m not yolking.

9. Time to eggs-plore.

10. You’re egg-ceptional.

11. That was eggs-traordinary.

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12. E.T. is eggs-traterrestial.

13. Wow, that’s eggs-quisite.

14. That’s a great eggs-ample.

15. This is eggs-actly what I was looking for.

16. I’m living in eggs-ile.

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17. I have eggs-ray vision.

18. Every morning, I drink eggs-presso.

19. I’m eggs-tremely proud of you.

20. Roller coasters are eggs-hilirating.

21. Omelette it go this time.

22. I ride a s-egg-way to work.

23. Do you egg-ree or dis-egg-ree?

24. The crowd was eggs-uberant.

25. I’m studying for the eggs-am.

26. I feel like you’re egg-noring me.

27. No eggs-cuses.

28. It’s been a long day. I’m eggs-hausted.

29. On Easter, eggs prepare to dye.

30. You’re a practical yolker.

31. Hens get their packages through FedEggs.

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