15+ Hilarious Tesla Jokes


Tesla is the fastest growing brand worldwide, and it’s the leading electric vehicle company. Read the funniest Tesla jokes to charge you up.

Tesla vehicle at a charging station.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny Tesla jokes

1. What do you call a Tesla’s new car smell?

Elon’s Musk.

2. What’s Tesla’s new lawnmower called?


3. Why are Tesla cars expensive?

They charge a lot.

4. If Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink became one company, what would it be called?

The Three Musk-ateers.

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5. What did Peter Parker say when he got a Tesla?

With great power, comes great electricity.

6. Who would leave a gas-powered car running?

A Tesla owner.

7. What do you call a Tesla vehicle drifting?

It’s doing the electric slide.

8. If Tesla created a car that also acts as a boat, what would it be called?

A Cyberduck.

9. What was the Tesla driver charged with?


10. What would Tesla call its honey-producing machine?

Model Bee.

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11. Why did the Tesla driver get arrested?

He tried to kilowatt.

12. Why did the pedestrian get scared when a Tesla drove by?

She didn’t hear it coming.

13. How does it feel after getting hit by a Tesla?

It Hertz.

14. What do you call a stolen Tesla?

An Edison.

15. What do you call Elon Musk with ivory teeth?

Elon Tusk.

16. What do you call a long Tesla?


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Featured image courtesy of Canva.