35 Hilarious Candle Puns


Candles are used to provide light, a good scent, create a cozy atmosphere, or all three. While you’re at it, read the funniest candle puns.

Candle with its wick burning.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

1. It makes no scents.

2. I scent someone to candle it.

3. It created a s-candle.

4. The wick wouldn’t light until it finds its match.

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5. Cheers to the wick-end.

6. Better lit than never.

7. Candle it with care.

8. I candle you how much you mean to me.

9. It was an wax-ident.

10. I only have a few scents.

11. Unfortunately, he blew it.

12. How tealight-ful.

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13. I’m looking for a match.

14. She runs wick-ly.

15. I’ll go next wick.

16. It has reached the wax-imum capacity.

17. Flame it on someone else.

18. You’re flame-ous now.

19. I’m here fire the candles.

20. It’s too fire. I can’t reach it.

21. Lit there be light.

22. Wick up.

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23. If the candle, make it sharper.

24. Lighten up.

25. It’s too hot to candle.

26. Candle Jenner.

27. He’s a wick.

28. I’m building a burn.

29. You candle me anything.

30. Pay your waxes.

31. It’s how we melt.

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32. Blow the lit off.

33. Focus on the burn-efits.

34. It’s time to hi-burn-ate.

35. Fire real this time.

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