40+ Fire Puns That Bring the Heat


Whether you’re sitting around a campfire or near the fireplace in your home, read the funniest fire puns that’ll bring the heat.

Flame with a kiss face.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious fire puns

1. Love me tinder. Love me true.

2. I have a burning question.

3. I bought my friend a fire extinguisher. She was delighted.

4. The wick said to the flame, “you set my heart on fire.”

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5. I lava good fire pun.

6. It was my claim to flame.

7. We flame to please.

8. It’s lit.

9. It was made of sa-fire.

10. I’ll have a blazed doughnut.

11. There was a blaze-ard.

12. I’m bringing the heat.

13. The firefighter became flame-ous for saving many lives.

14. We lost a lot of soles due to the fire at the shoe factory.

15. That was heated.

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16. Their love is on fire.

17. The Hall of Flame.

18. Grab the ember-ella.

19. Mathematicians start a fire by using natural logs.

20. The book at a flare-ytale ending.

21. Don’t be flame. Come out with us.

22. Too hot to candle.

23. That’s not fire.

24. He was fiery-ous.

25. It’s too fire.

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26. What’s the weather fire-cast?

27. What a beautiful atmos-fire.

28. You’re a top-notch photogra-fire.

29. I couldn’t deci-fire it.

30. I was burn this way.

31. That was blas-flame-ous.

32. Are you a philoso-fire?

33. Did you mis-blaze it?

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34. The bear went into hi-burn-ation.

35. The experience was blaze-ful.

36. I fell into a sl-ember.

37. That’s a bit match.

38. Close the lit.

39. My 70s records were thrown into a fire. It was a disco inferno.

40. They built an impressive em-fire.

41. The store dis-blaze the new items in the front.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.