50+ Duck Puns That’ll Quack You Up


Ducks make for some of the quacking best jokes. Read the funniest duck puns and you’ll find yourself laughing until you waddle.

Duck walking.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny duck puns

1. This is ducking good!

2. Would you like some quackers?

3. I’m quacking up.

4. Just wing it.

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5. That’s ducked up.

6. Let’s light fire-quackers.

7. The duck-tective is quacking the case.

8. Watch out for the quacks.

9. I wake up at the quack of dawn.

10. Pull up your pants. Your butt-quack is showing.

11. I’m watching a duck-umentary.

12. Nice duck-xedo!

13. Put it on my bill.

14. The Nut-quacker.

15. I’m going to the duck-tor.

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16. I at quacker-jacks at baseball games.

17. I’ll check the duck-tionary.

18. Count Duck-ula.

19. Nice quack-pack.

20. Lord of the Wings.

21. A duck that steals is a robber duck.

22. Chips and quack-amole.

23. I need a quack-scratcher.

24. Thanks for quack-nowledging me.

25. I went to the bank to get a new bill.

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26. Se-duck-tive.

27. Go duck yourself.

28. What the duck?

29. You’re quack-y.

30. Re-duck-tion.

31. It’s inade-quack.

32. Waddle you do if you forget?

33. Good duck.

34. The feather forecast.

35. Thanks for the intro-duck-tion.

36. I’ve been pro-duck-tive.

37. Con-duck-t yourself in a responsible manner.

38. You have quack-titude.

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39. Meet me at the duck.

40. Is there a de-duck-tible?

41. Where’s the duck-ument?

42. He was in-duck-ted into the hall of fame.

43. There are a lot of pro-duck-ts.

44. Where’s the con-duck-ter?

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45. I’m wearing quack-is.

46. Be careful. It’s deli-quack.

47. In the desert, you can find a quack-tus.

48. That’s quack!

49. Quack off.

50. Would you like to drink Peepsi?

51. That was quack-ward.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.