45+ Deer Puns That Are Doe Funny


Deers are beautiful and cute animals that are also fun to watch. Read the most hilarious deer puns that’ll have you cracking up.

Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny deer puns

1. My son got braces because he had buck teeth.

2. Oh, deer.

3. Just doe it.

4. I’m a big sports fawn.

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5. I love cookie doe.

6. You have an en-deer-ing smile.

7. Let’s go to Deer-y Queen.

8. I’m not fawn of them.

9. I’m glad I fawn-d you.

10. For real, doe.

11. I saw it from a deer-stance.

12. You’re deer to me.

13. I have no i-deer.

14. I drink non-deer-y milk.

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15. If I had a buck for every deer pun I’ve made, I’d have a lot of doe.

16. I’ll check my calen-deer.

17. You’re a weir-doe.

18. Buck off!

19. I went deer-ectly to the store.

20. You wouldn’t deer.

21. Deer nonsense.

22. I’m trying to hold back my deers.

23. Don’t fall for deer pressure.

24. Let’s get sour-doe bread.

25. I want doe-nuts.

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26. What’s for deer-ner?

27. It was stag-gered.

28. That’s fawn-tastic!

29. Deer it is.

30. I need deer-ections.

31. I’ll clean my shoes because they’re deer-ty.

32. Let’s have some fawn!

33. He had stag fright.

34. You’re my deer-est friend.

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35. What a deer-light.

36. Can you doe me a favor?

37. Open the deer, please.

38. Thanks for un-deer-standing.

39. I’d love to be consi-deer-ed.

40. She fawn-ded a company.

41. You’re so consi-deer-ate.

42. My kid started kin-deer-garten.

43. I love the mo-deer-n look.

44. Be ten-deer and kind.

45. Did you watch the doe-cumentary?

46. Talk to a deer-apist.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.