40+ Best Axe Puns


Axes have been around for a long time. They’re for chopping wood or even throwing. Read the funniest axe puns for a good laugh.

Axe and a chhopped log.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny axe puns

1. Random axe of kindness.

2. It was an axe-ident.

3. Axe-tually, I changed my mind.

4. Dont’ be a pain in the axe.

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5. I’ll axe you one more time.

6. I like your axe-cent.

7. It’s time to go axe-rcise.

8. That’s an axe-cellent idea.

9. Sit back and rel-axe.

10. Grab your potato s-axe. We’re racing.

11. You met our axe-spectations.

12. We’re back in axe-tion.

13. It was an axe-periment.

14. I spent a few hours looking for my axe. Then, it hit me.

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15. What kind of axe-tracurricular activities do you do?

16. The party was axe-travagant.

17. It was in-axe-plicable.

18. You have quick refl-axes.

19. I switched from glasses to cont-axe.

20. That may have been a bit of an axe-aggeration.

21. Always axe-press yourself.

22. I’m axe-hausted.

23. The sports car axe-elerated quickly.

24. That was un-axe-ceptable

25. I don’t have axe-ess.

26. I’m shopping for axe-essories.

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27. He was in axe-ile.

28. I started playing the s-axe-ophone.

29. The views were axe-pansive.

30. I’ll ask an axe-pert.

31. What a wonderful axe-perience.

32. I started stretching to become more fl-axe-ible.

33. Let me axe-plain.

34. That purse is axe-pensive.

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35. I’m going on an axe-pedition.

36. The handle axe-tends out by a foot.

37. Add vanilla axe-tract to the grocery list.

38. The firecracker axe-ploded.

39. We live in a dupl-axe now.

40. Fl-axe seeds or chia seeds?

41. You’re an axe-trovert.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.