60+ Tree Puns Everyone Wood Love


Wood you like to read funny tree puns? You’re in the right place. These evergreen puns will leave you laughing and happier.

Trees are a vital part of the planet. They help clean air, filter water, provide homes, and produce fruit.

There are thousands of tree species. The trees are incredible.

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But, you wood not be-leaf that they also serve as inspiration for humor.

The following are the funniest tree puns to leaf you laughing all day long.

The puns may also make you poplar.

Tree in a grass field.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny tree puns

1. Wow! What a tree-t.

2. In geome-tree, we learned about tree-angles.

3. I’m training for a tree-athalon.

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4. Are you feeling oak-ay?

5. I’m pine, how are you?

6. Wood you be able to help me?

7. I can go tomorrow, chestnut today.

8. Leaf me alone.

9. This shirt is high quali-tree.

10. Let’s go to the beech.

11. To the pool, trees wear swimming trunks.

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12. You’re really poplar.

13. I’m maple to help!

14. A tree’s least favorite month is sep-timber.

15. That’s a poplar song.

16. During the winter, wear a fir coat.

17. I be-leaf you.

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18. In the morning, I like to eat pas-trees.

19. When the bank closed, the tree started its own branch.

Bank and tree graphic.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

20. I like to read poe-tree.

21. Do you know about the tree-rex?

22. Son of a birch!

23. If you make a bush sad, it comes a shadbush.

24. It h-aspen a great day.

25. Ash-ould give that a try sometime.

26. I walnut give up!

27. They did a tree-mendous job.

28. I don’t trust that tree. It seems a bit shady.

29. We have such great chemis-tree.

30. He had an elm-ent. So, the doctor prescribed medication.

31. I went to the tree cafe and got a linden fog.

32. That was conical! I couldn’t stop laughing.

33. There are so many peepal!

34. At church, they read the babul.

35. You can identify a dogwood tree by its bark.

36. I love to chew babul-gum.

37. A tree’s favorite singer is Spruce Springsteen.

38. A tree that does martial arts is called Spruce Lee.

39. When you cross a pine tree with a pig, you get a pork-u-pine.

40. The tree Jedi said, “May the forest be with you.”

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41. It’s all over-elm-ing.

42. The baseball team is on a winning s-tree-k.

43. We’re having a re-tree-t.

44. To make the music louder, the trees had to amp-leaf-y.

45. The beaver said to the tree, “It was nice gnawing you!”

46. A tree’s favorite dating app is Timber.

47. This tree meets all the qua-leaf-ications.

48. The tree got lost because it took the wrong root.

49. The first thing trees learn in school is twig-onometry.

Trees and a protractor.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

50. A tree that produces fruit that tastes like chicken is a poul-tree.

51. I beech you to it.

52. Platanus occidentalis go to the doctor more than other trees because they’re sycamore.

53. There’s something wrong with the tree’s car. It wooden move.

54. Pull the twig-ger.

55. On Valentine’s Day, trees get sappy.

56. I beg to dif-fir.

57. Doug takes too long. I had to yell, “Douglas go!”

58. When a tree dies and becomes a chair, it’s tree-incarnation.

59. Tell me acorn-y joke.

60. It was about a cen-tree ago.

61. I won the lot-tree.

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