145+ Hilarious Tree Puns and Jokes


Prepare to burst into laughter with fantastic tree puns and jokes. They’re evergreen. So, you can share them any time of the year.

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It doesn’t get better than witty arboreal humor. Tree puns and jokes will leave you grinning ear to ear.

As nature’s air purifiers, trees serve as heroes of the ecosystem. There are many tree species, with some growing to mind-blowing size.

Aside from being good for the environment, trees are perfect for humor. Laugh with hilarious tree wordplay.

Funny tree puns and one-liners

1. What a tree-t.

2. A tree’s favorite school subject is geome-tree.

3. I’m training for a tree-athalon.

4. Are you feeling oak-ay?

5. I’m pine. How are you?

6. Wood you be able to help me?

7. I can go tomorrow, chestnut today.

8. Leaf me alone.

9. This shirt is high-quali-tree.

10. Let’s go to the beech.

11. Trees are growing in the tree-state area.

12. You’re really poplar.

13. I’m maple to help!

14. A tree’s least favorite month is Sep-timber.

15. That’s a poplar song.

16. During the winter, wear a fir coat.

17. I be-leaf you.

18. In the morning, I like to eat pas-trees.

19. When the bank closed, the tree started its own branch.

Bank and tree graphic.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

20. I like to read poe-tree.

21. Do you know about the tree-rex?

22. Son of a birch!

23. If you make a bush sad, it becomes a shadbush.

24. It h-aspen a great day.

25. Ash-ould give that a try sometime.

26. I walnut give up!

27. They did a tree-mendous job.

28. I don’t trust that tree. It seems a bit shady.

29. We have such great chemis-tree.

30. He had an elm-ent. So, the doctor prescribed medication.

31. I went to the tree cafe and got a linden fog.

32. That was conical! I couldn’t stop laughing.

33. There are so many peepal!

34. At church, they read the babul.

35. You can identify a dogwood tree by its bark.

36. I love to chew babul-gum.

37. A tree’s favorite singer is Spruce Springsteen.

38. A tree that does martial arts is called Spruce Lee.

39. When you cross a pine tree with a pig, you get a pork-u-pine.

40. The tree Jedi said, “May the forest be with you.”

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41. It’s all over-elm-ing.

42. The baseball team is on a winning s-tree-k.

43. We’re having a re-tree-t.

44. To make the music louder, the trees had to amp-leaf-y.

45. The beaver said to the tree, “It was nice gnawing you!”

46. A tree’s favorite dating app is Timber.

47. This tree meets all the qua-leaf-ications.

48. The tree got lost because it took the wrong root.

49. The first thing trees learn in school is twig-onometry.

Trees and a protractor.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

50. A tree that produces fruit that tastes like chicken is a poul-tree.

51. I beech you to it.

52. Platanus occidentalis go to the doctor more than other trees because they’re sycamore.

53. There’s something wrong with the tree’s car. It wooden move.

54. Pull the twig-ger.

55. On Valentine’s Day, trees get sappy.

56. I beg to dif-fir.

57. Doug takes too long. I had to yell, “Douglas go!”

58. When a tree dies and becomes a chair, it’s tree-incarnation.

59. Tell me acorn-y joke.

60. It was about a cen-tree ago.

61. I won the lot-tree.

62. I tried to look up my family tree but ended up stumped.

Tree jokes

1. How do trees access their social media accounts? They log on.

2. What does a tree wear at the beach? Swim trunks.

3. Where’s the first place a tree goes to in an emergency room? Tree-age.

4. What does a tree say on Halloween? Trick or tree-t.

5. What’s a tree’s favorite shape? A tree-angle.

6. Why wasn’t the digital tree working? It had technical difficul-trees.

7. Why did the tree go to jail? Tree-son.

8. Why did the tree go to the dentist? To get a root canal.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

9. What’s a tree’s favorite holiday? Arbor Day.

10. Why did the tree move back to its hometown? To get back to its roots.

11. What’s the top dating app for trees? Timber.

12. What did the tree say to the lumberjack? I’m falling for you.

13. Why do trees love waking up each day? They get to turn over a new leaf.

14. Why do trees make great therapists? They always get to the root of the problem.

15. Why did the tree fall on the home? It heard drinks were on the house.

16. Why don’t trees fight? They signed a peace tree-ty.

17. What do trees do after becoming an expert in one field? They branch out.

18. What’s the Golden Rule for trees? Tree-t others how you want to be treet-ed.

19. What’s a tree’s favorite film series? The Tree-minator.

20. How do trees learn to ride a bike? They start with tree-cycles.

21. How do trees stay healthy? They make sure to get enough an-tree-oxidants.

22. What do trees put on salads? Branch dressing.

23. What did the tree say after an embarrassing situation? Well, that was oak-ward.

24. What did the tree do after being moved from a tropical climate to a cold one? Face-palm.

25. What do trees say when they refer to retaliation? Tree-t for tat.

26. What does a tree say after someone wishes it a good day? Yew, too.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

27. What size drinks do trees order? Larch.

28. What do you call a mean tree? An ash-hole.

29. After falling, what did the tree say when another asked if it was okay? Olive.

30. Who’s the most popular singer among trees in the Mediterranean Basin? Olive-ia Rodrigo.

31. How do trees message each other? They use WoodsApp.

32. How do trees solve problems? They woodwork it out.

33. How do pine trees knit? They use needles.

34. What do trees call the Milky Way? A galax-tree.

35. What do you call a group of three trees? A tree-fecta.

36. What’s a tree’s favorite gum brand? Tree-dent.

37. What kind of dogs do trees in Florida love? Palm-eranian.

38. What did the tree say after being told something unbelievable? Fir real?

39. What’s a tree’s favorite line in Low by Flo Rida? Roots with the fir.

Tree roots.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

40. What do trees wear when it rains? Tree-nchcoats.

41. What do trees like to do for fun? They play tree-via.

42. Why do trees need to take naps? For rest.

43. What kind of necklace do trees wear? Ch-oak-ers.

44. What does a tree’s navigation say when it takes the wrong turn? Re-root-ing.

45. How do you make a tree cheer up? Tell it a j-oak.

46. What do trees do to get ready in the morning? They spruce themselves up.

47. What’s a tree’s favorite drink? Root beer.

48. Which tree has the best tan? A beech tree.

49. What does a tree do when it has another tree? It goes on maternity leaf.

50. What kind of tree sheds the most tears? A weeping willow.

Tree name puns

Trees are unique and found across the globe. Whether naming one you love or planting a new one, use humor to make it memorable. Get tree pun name ideas that’ll make you smile when you look at it.

1. Treesa

2. Keanu Leaves

3. Spruce Willis

4. Matthew McConaughtree

5. Liam Treeson

6. Morgan Treeman

7. Tree Diddy

8. Queen Latreefah

9. Treenity

10. Treexie

11. Spruce Lee

12. Katniss Evergreen

13. Leonardo TreeCaprio

14. Vin Treesel

15. Katree Perry

16. Treefany

17. Chrissy Treegen

18. Willow

19. Penelotree

20. Forest Gump

21. Treevor

22. Treesta

23. Branchesca

24. Branch Jovi

25. Richard Branchson

26. Donald Trunk

27. Mapleline

28. Loaki

29. Elmily

30. Elmerson

31. Palmela

32. David Larchuleta

33. Leaf Erikson

34. Treehanna

Final thoughts

To wrap up the arboreal fun, savor the laughter from the tree puns and jokes. Remember them for walks in parks, hikes, and when you see a tree.

Out of the list full of tree humor, which was your favorite? Tell them with others to spread laughter that sticks.

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