70+ Beaver Puns That Are Too Dam Funny


Beavers are large, semiaquatic rodents living in the Northern Hemisphere. Next time you see one, remember beaver puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Beavers are unique and adorable animals.

They’re herbivores, eating leaves, aquatic plants, and wood. They also have powerful jaws and orange teeth.

You may know beavers for dams, but they also build dome-like lodges.

“Busy as a beaver” is a common idiom. It reflects the hardworking nature of one of the world’s largest rodents.

The following are the funniest beaver puns to make you laugh the next time you see one.

Also, April 7 is International Beaver Day. Be sure to share the puns with everyone.

Hilarious beaver puns

1. Beaver-y careful.

2. I’ll beaver in a minute.

3. The beaver said to the tree, “It’s been nice gnawing you.”

4. That beaver is a gnaw-it-all.

Beaver holding a log.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

5. A beaver calls its home ma-dam.

6. Beavers are so chill. They just go with the flow.

7. I stayed home sick with a high beaver.

8. The rich beaver bought a house in Beaver-ly Hills.

9. Santa asked the beaver, “Were you gnaw-ty or nice?”

10. A beaver’s favorite singer is Justin Beaver.

11. I’m shopping for new clothes. They need to beaver-satile.

12. The claims must beaver-ifiable.

13. She’s on beaver-ge of greatness.

14. Should it beaver-ticle or horizontal?

15. The beaver will only eat one type of noodle. It must beaver-micelli.

16. I thought the meeting was in-person, but no one was there. It must beaver-tual.

17. A beaver at sea is gnaw-tical.

18. The two beavers got married. They tied the gnaw-t.

Two beavers.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

19. I’m only going to college if I can study one thing. It must beaver-ology.

20. If you repeat the quote, it must beaver-batim.

21. The beaver got in trouble for illegal streaming.

22. Beavers keep their money in the riverbank.

23. A beaver’s favorite snack is wood chips.

24. You must be a beaver because dam.

25. I watched a documentary about beavers. It was the best dam one I’ve seen.

26. After spinning around, the beaver felt gnaw-seous.

Beaver on a log.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

27. The beaver insists on eating all-gnaw-tural foods.

28. If you cross a bee with a beaver, you get a bumble beaver.

29. The beaver’s writing a gnaw-vel.

30. That’s not authentic. It’s a gnaw-ck-off.

31. During the holiday season, beavers drink egg gnaw-g.

32. It won’t beaver a long time.

33. Beavers are gnaw-tive to the Northern Hemisphere.

34. A motivational beaver said, “Don’t listen to the gnaw-sayers.”

35. The doctor was put on the spot to diagnose the dizzy beaver. He said it would have to beaver-tigo.

36. Your best characteristic would beaver-tue.

37. There are beavers across the gnaw-tion.

38. The beaver got a new car with gnaw-vigation.

39. It fits the gnaw-rrative.

40. A famous beaver is well-gnaw-n.

41. The beaver started boxing and gnaw-cked out the opponent.

42. He’s just a wanna-beaver.

43. A baby beaver is also known as a ba-beaver.

44. I couldn’t help but gnaw-tice.

45. He’s gnaw-torious for his crimes.

46. Someone broke into the beavers home. Gnaw-body gnaws who did it.

47. There’s gnaw-here to go.

48. I’m taking a gnaw-n-stop flight.

49. It’s true to the best of my gnaw-ledge.

50. That beaver gnaws something we don’t.

51. Maybe tomorrow, but gnaw-t today.

52. If you cross a cow with a beaver, you get a beef-er.

53. The entrepreneurial beaver was known for in-gnaw-vation.

54. The beaver was gnaw-minated for an award.

55. It was gnaw-nexistent.

56. I didn’t get a gnaw-tification.

57. Beavers can’t grab the door-gnaw-b.

58. A musical beaver plays the pia-gnaw.

59. There was a domi-gnaw effect.

60. E-gnaw-gh is e-gnaw-gh.

61. After work, the beaver said, “A-gnaw-ther day, a-gnaw-ther dollar.”

62. It’s good for the eco-gnaw-my.

63. I’ll do what-beaver it takes.

Beaver standing.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

64. The beaver that receives messages from radios is the trans-beaver.

65. Let’s wait for things to get back to gnaw-rmal.

66. Grab a gnaw-tepad and write this down.

67. The beaver ate healthy foods to gnaw-rish its body.

68. A judge must beaver and just.

69. It must beaver away by now.

70. This is going to beaver-well.

71. Gnaw-thing could beaver-ther from the truth.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.