35+ Buzzing Bee Puns


Bees are small, but they’re a vital part of our planet. Many bee puns are also un-bee-lievably funny and you won’t stop buzzing about them.

Cartoon bee dancing.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Hilarious bee puns

1. That’s un-bee-lievable.

2. A bee that lives in America is known as a USB.

3. Bee yourself and do your own sting.

4. Bee-cause I felt like it.

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5. To bee or not to bee.

6. Bee-auty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

7. Bee positive.

8. We bee-long together.

9. Will you bee mine?

10. Beeware of wasps.

11. Swarm wishes.

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12. Please beehive at school.

13. A bee that returned from the dead is a zom-bee.

14. Let’s play rug-bee.

15. You can’t get a straight answer from a bee, only maybee.

16. Bee-witched.

17. That’s buzz-arre.

18. Hive had enough for today.

19. I’m running a little bee-hind.

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20. That bee isn’t fat. He’s just a bit chub-bee.

21. I love using my bee-noculars to go bird-watching.

22. It’s meant to bee.

23. Truth bee told.

24. Don’t be snob-bee.

25. Wasa-bee!

26. You’re a wanna-bee.

27. Bee puns give you a dose of Vitamin Bee.

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28. When it a bee talks too quietly, it’s a mumble-bee.

29. I love chewing bumble gum.

30. If Plan A didn’t work, it’s time for Plan Bee.

31. She’s looking for her hub-bee.

32. Bee the change.

33. I’m starting a bee-siness.

34. I’ve bee-n here bee-fore.

35. Nice bee-rd!

36. I’m trying to decide bee-tween this or that.

37. It’s just the bee-ginning.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.