40+ Birthday Puns for the Ages


Whether you’re writing a birthday card or it’s your birthday, read the funniest and best birthday puns to make it a special day.

Birthday cake with candles.
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1. Happy bee-day!

2. Have an eggs-cellent birthday.

3. Have a tea-rific birthday.

4. I hope you have an ex-straw-ordinary birthday.

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5. Hap-pea birthday.

6. Have a toad-ally awesome birthday.

7. Happy birday, my otter half.

8. I hope you’re birthday party is whale-y fun.

9. Lettuce celebrate your birthday.

10. I hope this birthday card cakes your day.

11. Go shawty. It’s sherbert day.

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12. Happy birthday, sea-star.

13. I’m excited about your birthday par-tea.

14. Have a soup-erb birthday.

15. You’re one in a melon.

16. Age is irr-elephant.

17. Time to shell-ebrate.

18. This whole birthday thing is getting old.

19. Have a turtle-ly awesome birthday.

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20. I hope you’re birthday is purr-fect.

21. Hap-brie birthday! You feta have a gouda day.

22. Let’s plan a soap-rise birthday celebration.

23. Birthday candles need to take breaks because they burn out quickly.

24. Dim-sum-body say it’s your birthday?

25. Happy birthday best friend. Olive you.

26. Yoda-serve the best birthday ever.

27. Alpaca party hat because it’s your birthday.

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28. I hope your birthday is fa-brew-lous.

29. Happy birthday to ewe.

30. I herd it was your birthday.

31. I’m wishing you s’more happiness this year.

32. Happy beer-thday.

33. Have a flan-tastic birthday.

34. It’s party thyme.

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35. This year, you koala-fy as old.

36. Have a grate birthday.

37. It may be corny, but have an a-maize-ing birthday.

38. Have an ink-redible birthday.

39. This is nacho typical birthday card. It’s a big dill.

40. We should talk today, but for now, yap-py birthday.

41. Donut stop reading. Have a sweet birthday.

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