40 Dog Puns That Are Paw-Some


Dogs are fun, cute, and furry. They’re also known as a man’s best friend. Read the best and most pawsome dog puns for a good laugh.

Golden Retriever sitting in front of a door.
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1. I had woof-les for breakfast.

2. My dog’s a little husky, not fat.

3. Howl you doing?

4. Just pug-et about it.

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5. I’m going to see a dog-tor.

6. He’s a pup-ular dog.

7. Dachshund through the snow.

8. It’s the ulti-mutt dog toy.

9. Dog-gone it.

10. I’m surrounded by pup-parazzi.

11. Dog’s love pup-peroni pizza.

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12. I’m moving to collie-fornia.

13. I Shih Tzu not.

14. That dog was fur-ocious.

15. A dog magician is a labracadabrador.

16. Dogs always know who’s calling because they have collar IDs.

17. On a warm day, eat a pup-sicle.

18. It’s been a ruff day.

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19. I hired a photogra-fur.

20. He’s so dog-matic.

21. That’s helpful in-fur-mation.

22. Quit hounding on me.

23. We’re going to the pug-kin patch this fall.

24. I’ll love you fur-ever.

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25. Dogs love watching Jurassic Bark.

26. I’m paw-tending to be a cat.

27. You have a lot of paw-tential.

28. It’s the look of terrier.

29. It’s just another day at the paw-ffice.

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30. You look fur-bulous today.

31. Come to the bark side.

32. Great, Dane-ger.

33. She’s too far-fetched.

34. My dog became a bark-eologist.

35. They’re not friendly. You could say they’re a-woof.

36. Dogs call their parents dog-ma and paw.

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37. Raise the woof.

38. I’m mutts about you.

39. I love opening the sun-woof in my car.

40. When I’m bored, I like to poodle.

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