40+ Best Goat Puns


Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans. If you have some or know someone who does, read the funniest goat puns.

Goat on a float toy.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Funny goat puns

1. Whatever floats your goat.

2. I’ll tell you how I goat here.

3. Goat anything to say?

4. You goat this!

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5. You’ve goat to be kidding me.

6. Here we goat again.

7. Goat out of here.

8. I have to clean the goat-ter.

9. You’re my goat-to person.

10. I for-goat about that.

11. I saw an alli-goat-er at the zoo.

12. I love goat-a cheese.

13. We’re going goat-cart racing.

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14. A goat on a hill is a hillbilly.

15. Vincent Van Goat.

16. It was the goat-est movie I’ve ever seen.

17. A goat’s beard is a goatee.

18. Let’s watch The Goat-father.

19. The goats couldn’t get along because they were butting heads.

20. I’ll have to investi-goat it.

21. Cashmere if you can.

22. We’re having a goat-together.

23. I’m having goat-meal for breakfast.

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24. Now that I’ve goat your attention.

25. A lazy goat is also known as Billy Idle.

26. Do you want to watch America’s Goat Talent?

27. For goat’s sake.

28. Row, row, row your goat.

29. Hoof you been there before?

30. Come and goat it.

31. Open the goat.

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32. I goat-cha.

33. He was e-goat-istical.

34. I can ne-goat-iate a better deal.

35. You’ll never be for-goat-ten.

36. We built a goat-tage in the woods.

37. My shirt is made of goat-ton.

38. What’s the mas-goat?

39. For fun, I ride my s-goat-er.

40. Let’s goat-o the movies.

41. Athletes drink goat-arade.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.