35+ Best Sleep Puns That Won’t Leave You Snoring


Every human and creature needs sleep. If you can’t fall asleep or want to wake up with laughter, read the best sleep puns.

Dinosaur sleeping.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny sleep puns

1. A sleeping dinosaur is a dino-snore.

2. Good night, deer.

3. How did you sheep?

4. A corduroy pillow will make headlines.

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5. Dragons sleep during the day to fight knights.

6. At the grocery store, they put my items in a bag with Z’s. It was a sleeping bag.

7. The sleepiest food is pizzzza.

8. I need beau-tea sleep.

9. There was a kidnapping at school. He woke up after 30 minutes.

10. I’m sleep-pea.

11. To put a baby astronaut to sleep, you rocket.

12. He was a slumber-jack.

13. Nurses quietly walk past medicine cabinets because they don’t want to wake up the sleeping pills.

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14. A sleepy egg is eggs-hausted.

15. A sleepy coloring tool is a Cra-yawn.

16. A mother cow tells her calf, “it’s pasture bedtime.”

17. Put sugar under your pillow to have sweet dreams.

18. Vegetables sleep on a bed of lettuce.

19. Tall people sleep longer in bed.

20. A sleeping bull is a bulldozer.

21. Keyboards never sleep because they have two shifts.

22. I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed.

23. I started working at a sleep study clinic. It’s my dream job.

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24. Fish sleep in a river bed.

25. Dreaming in color is a pigment of your imagination.

26. I was offered a job at a mattress factory, but I had to sleep on it before accepting it.

27. Scuba divers put on a snore-kel before going to sleep.

28. I’m getting better at sleeping because I practice it every night.

29. Sleep next to a ruler to see how long you sleep.

30. Wheels are the sleepiest part of a car because they’re always tired.

31. A tired broom wants to go to sweep.

32. I sleep on a lamp because I’m a light sleeper.

33. I fell asleep on a jigsaw puzzle and woke up with a puzzled look.

34. I wear socks that have caffeine to prevent my feet from falling asleep.

35. I went to sleep with contacts and never had clearer dreams.

36. Don’t eat cookies before bed. You’ll have a crummy sleep.

Featured image by David Em and Canva.